Creative Commons


What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a type of license that allows people to share there things like pictures,websites,videos etc.. However it allows them to do this with some rules so they don't have to give it up or Have to be in complete control
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Why Do We Have It?

We have creative commons because some people dont like being in control of there things for example if you made a song and some one wanted it in a movie they would have to ask you for permission.

But your probably thinking why don they just make it public, Well then they woundt make any money and/or no would would know who made it.

Creative commons allows this person to share there content with out have to give up complete control with 4 rules.

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The 4 Restrictions

First There is Attribution

With Attribution you can use the content but you have to say who created it.

Second is No Derivative

You can use the content but you can't edit it or modify it in any way.

Third is No commercial

Which means you can use the content however you can not make money on it (retail it).

Forth is share alike

Share alike means that you can use/modify the content but if you try to share it you have to have the same Creative Commons Restrictions.

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