Summary of LE04


Summary of LE04

Welcome to your summary for LE04. Our focus was on Inquiry. We started off with the Starlings video and ended with Your Action Plan. Let's look at what we learned in this LE.

Here are the steps we went through.

E-tivity #1 - Looked at a Starling's voyage.

E-tivity #2 - Defining the Focus of your Leadership Experience

E-tivity #3 - Learning Journey

E-tivity #4 - The Instructional Core

E-tivity #5 - Connecting Inquiry to Research

E-tivity #6 - Professional Development Models

E-tivity #7 - Tips for Change


What would it mean to connect the human brain in a similar way to how the starlings do?
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Defining the Focus of your Leadership Experience

During this e-tivity you were able to explore various areas of interest to you on which to base your leadership experience.
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Your Learning Journey

After reviewing several quotes you were able to choose the people you would like to take on your journey with you.
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Instructional Core

After reading The (only) three ways to improve performance in schools you reflected and discussed with your colleagues your opinion of Richard Elmore's ideas. What do you think?
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Connecting Inquiry to Research

You searched the web for three websites that will help you with your inquiry action plan. Many outstanding sites were shared. If you haven't put them in your e-portfolio yet make sure you do before the course closes.
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Professional Development Models

After reading Professional Development: An Effective Research Based Model you were able to reflect on your understanding of professional development. You were also able to reflect on what information that you could use while completing your inquiry based action plan.
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Tips for change

After reading Thirteen tips for Managing Change you picked three of the tips and answered the following questions for each. "What does this tip mean to me?" and "How might this be helpful in supporting my inquiry?"