Looking For Alaska

John Green

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As Miles Halter enters a Boarding school hundreds of miles away from his dreary home town, he comes across Alaska Young. Alaska is an outgoing girl filled with drama and excitement; she was everything he never had in his hometown and he loved her for it. As Alaska, his roommate Chip, and he plot against the jocks and brainstorm pranks they will use around the school, Miles falls deeper in love with her.


Book Review


Will Miles ever get the girl of his dreams?

Miles has fallen in love with Alaska, but will she ever love him back? Will they every have a future together?

passage from book

"We didn't have sex. We never got naked. I never touched her bare breast, and her hands never got lower then my hips. It didn't matter. As she slept, I whispered, "I love you, Alaska Young" (Green 131).

This passage shows how much he is in love with Alaska and how he desperately wants her to want him. It's a classic love story of a typical teenager. This one line proves that it's more then just sex with him; it's about love in his eyes.

Who would enjoy this book?

In my opinion, teenagers and young adults would enjoy this book as well as some adults. The book is based on the life of a typical teen boy who falls in love with an unavailable girl. Many teens can relate to Miles' story which makes the book more interesting to read. Adults might have a harder time relating to this book so I believe teens and young adults would truly enjoy this book more.

How did I feel about this book?

I happened to really love this book. I couldn't stop reading once I started. I even read it again once I finished it. I absolutely fell in love with the characters and I related to Miles so much it was unbelievable. The book wasn't completely fiction; it contained events that could possibly happen in real life. I liked that fact that it was Before and After because it added more anticipation. Overall, it is a great book and I will most likely read it again in the future.

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Looking For Alaska (John Green) Book Review

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May 12, 2013