Tiny Teddy Trains

By Madeline

How to make a Tiny Teddy Train

Goal: To make a lolly Tiny Teddy Train.


v Chocolate ( Melted)

v Smarties

v Milky Way Bars

v Liquorish All sorts

v Liquorish Sticks

v Tiny Teddies


1. Melt the chocolate in a microwave.

2. Get your milky way bar and face it horizontal

3. Get 4 smarties and stick them on the Milky Way by the melted chocolate as wheels.

4. Get your liquorish all sorts and put the all sorts on one end of the train and stick it down with the chocolate.

5. Then get the liquorish stick and stick it down at the other end with the melted chocolate.

6. Finally get your tiny teddy and stick it down in front of the liquorish all sorts.

7. You have now made your own Tiny Teddy Train.

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What a Tiny Teddy Train is.

A Tiny Teddy Train is a cute little train that are great party food idea and is a lovely decoration for a birthday cake.