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April & May 2017

Exam Schedules

Wednesday, May 24th (9-11th)

1st 8:40-10:20 (100 minutes)

  • Change 10:20-10:30 (10 minutes)

2nd 10:30-12:10 (100 minutes)

Thursday, May 25th (9th-11th)

3rd 8:40-10:20 (100 minutes)

  • Change 10:20-10:30 (10 minutes)

4th 10:30-12:10 (100 minutes)

Senior Exams

May 12th 3rd and 4th Blocks

May 15th 1st and 2nd Blocks

Exam shuttle schedule for Wednesday, May 24 & Thursday, May 25th

  • Wednesday: bus to NFHS leaves at 8:25. Departs NFHS at 10:15 returning to FMHS around 10:30
  • Thursday: bus to NFHS leaves at 10:15. Departs NFHS at 11:50 returning to FMHS around 12:05

Food For Thought

Senior Exam Information

  • Senior exams will be held on Friday, May 12th and Monday, May 15th. Please be sure to tell your seniors that the days before senior exams are still school days for them. While it is true that students can exempt exams if they meet certain exemption criteria, it does not mean that school ends for these students on Wednesday, May 11th. Teachers will still assign work, tests, projects, presentations, essays, etc. on these days and the seniors are responsible for this work. If a senior is exempt on Thursday, May 11th at 3:40 pm, then they remain exempt, but please make sure they understand that it is May 12th, not May 10th.
  • If you have seniors that are in danger of failing, please grade their exams ASAP on Monday, May 15th. Teachers must let guidance know if a senior failed before leaving school on May 15th. The counselors would love to have all senior grades finalized on the 15th, but for most of us this is not possible since you may have already had your planning period and would then have to teach your 3rd and 4th block classes, so prioritize those in danger of failing.
  • Please have all senior grades finalized as soon as possible on May 16th, but certainly by 12:00 pm.

Senior Exemption Policy

· The exemption policy for seniors is as follows. No underclassmen may exempt exams for any reason. Seniors must satisfy all 3 of the following criteria to exempt an exam.

1) the senior must have an average of 80 or better

2) the senior must have no more than 3 total unexcused absences with no more than 2 of those unexcused absences occurring in the final 6 weeks

3) the senior may not have been suspended (either “full day” ISS or OSS)

· A list will be sent out on or before May 9th with those seniors who have failed to satisfy the second and third criterion listed above and updates will be shared after that date. Please remember to check seniors against this list as well as to check that they have earned the necessary grade in your course.

Seniors In Danger of Failing & Content Recovery

  • Please send the names of any students that are currently in danger of failing your class to their guidance counselors. This is very important, especially for seniors.
  • Senior “Content Recovery” will be held May 15th through May 18th. Content Recovery will begin at 8:40 am. Teachers of senior only classes and those with planning periods that correspond with the needs of the content recovery schedule may be called upon to help supervise seniors in content recovery.
  • Underclassmen Content Recovery will begin Tuesday, May 30th and continue through Saturday, June 3rd. It is vital that we notify these students and their families in time to make the appropriate arrangements. Please reach out to Ms. DeMayo about individual students to review their deficiencies for PLATO assignments.

Other Exam Information

  • Exams must be given in all classes during the assigned exam time.
  • Any change in exam time for an individual student must be approved by Mr. Christopher.
  • Comprehensive exams must be given in all courses.
  • Exams should last the entire exam period. (100 minutes)
  • Exams count 10% of the semester grade (except in EOC classes where they count 20%)
  • There should be no early dismissals from exams.
  • Any student who arrives late for an exam will not be allowed to take the exam at that time and must schedule a make-up time.
  • All teachers should print a hard copy (please do not email or share electronic versions) of their final exam and answer key and turn it in to Mr. Scroggs before leaving for the summer.

Read to Succeed

I feel like I've been saying we are in the home stretch since January, but we have finally made it. The end is in sight. April is a normal R2S month, and all we have in May is the final reflection. The final reflection is a culminating reflection that should be 600-700 words (roughly 2 double spaced pages). The directions for the final reflection can be found in Google Classroom.


Week 1 Professional Readings (4/3-4/7)

Week 2 No PSG!!! (Enjoy Spring Break)

Week 3 Department Meeting Reflection (Wednesday 4/19)

Week 3 Google Responses Due (Friday 4/21)

Week 4 CIT (Wednesday 4/26)

Week 4 Classroom Connection Journals (Wednesday 4/31)


Complete the course reflection assignment by Thursday, May 18th. This should be a 600-700 word essay reflecting on your growth and learning from topics covered in the course this year. This will be the culminating final project for the course.

Quote of the Month

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Calendar of Events


  • April 5 FMHS Family Meeting--3:55 pm
  • April 10-14 Spring Break--School Closed
  • April 17 Grades Due in Power School--8:40 am
  • April 18 Leadership Team Meeting--3:55 pm
  • April 19 Report Card Distribution--2nd Block
  • April 19 Department Meetings--3:55 pm
  • April 21 Students of the Month Recognition--10:20 am
  • April 22 Prom--8:00 pm
  • April 24 R2S Leadership Team--7:45 am
  • April 24 School Improvement Council--4:30 pm
  • April 26 CIT--3:55 pm


  • May 1 PSG--Planning Periods
  • May 3 FMHS Family Meeting--3:55 pm
  • May 10 Senior HR Teacher Meeting--3:55 pm
  • May 15 Algebra 1 EOC
  • May 16 US History EOC
  • May 16 End of M6 Grading Period (Seniors)
  • May 16 Senior Grades Due in Power School--12:00 pm
  • May 17 English 1 EOC
  • May 17 Graduation Staff Training--3:55 pm
  • May 18 Biology 1 EOC
  • May 19 EOC Make-up Testing
  • May 19 Wear A Life Jacket to School Day
  • May 25 End of M6 Grading Period (9th-11th)
  • May 25 End of Year Lunch--TBD
  • May 26 9th-11th Grades Due in Power School--3:40 pm