Lincoln Agenda

October 17-19

What's Happening....

Monday, 10/17

8:05- Advocacy Meeting for All Available Staff - in Library

9:10-10:00 Harlem Ambassadors Grades 3-5 in Gym

9:55 - SF Observation

2:20-3:00 Harlem Ambassadors Grades K-2 in Gym

Tuesday, 10/18

8:05- Staff Meeting - Special Ed Protocol - in Library

9:05- KJ Post Conference

10:45 PS Post Conference

1:05 - KP Post Conf

Wednesday, 10/19

8:05 Treehuggers

End of 1st Grading Period

Benchmarking window completed

Thursday, 10/13


Friday, 10/14


Committees & Meeting Schedule

The meeting schedule will finally take on a routine in October. We have some mandated meetings that had to be fit in at the beginning of the year. Here is the schedule that will be maintained as much as possible.

Observation Info

Here is a link to a document with basic info about the observation/evaluation plan. If you would like me to meet with you regarding this, I will be happy to do a recap with you. Just let me know.

Hallway Supervision

Please be diligent during hallway supervision, especially before and after school. These are prime times when everyone seems to be in a hurry. Making yourself visible prevents hallway issues.

Apps & Sites

Many of you have apps and/or websites that you use in class and suggest to parents for students to use at home. It would be helpful to have a centralized list of tried and true tech resources. Please add your recommendations to the following document that will benefit all of us and we can add some of these to the website as well. Thank you!

Observation Sign Ups

Be sure to sign up for your observations and conferences. If you have questions, please ask. Once you sign up, you may not change your time without consulting me. I am scheduling around your times.

Thank you to anyone who accommodated for me when I was ill. I appreciate it.

Thank you for sending referral forms with students to the office. It keeps them honest!

Click here for the Do Not Photo/No Internet List

Be sure that students photographed or included in video are approved to do so. Please contact LolaJean at and invite her to visit or send her information about your classroom events.

What's coming...

Week of 10/24-Red Ribbon Week

10/24-input grades

10/24-PAWS redemption

10/25 - print report cards

10/26- print report cards

10/27 - send home report cards

11/1-11/2- classroom awards

staff express lunch order

Orders can be placed starting September 20th, these will be served as of 9/26. Make sure you date the order form with the serving date. If you have any questions please email Michelle Philipp.