Bill Of Rights

Coach Williams, U.S History , 2nd period, Justice Wilson

What are the Bill of Rights?

The Bill of Rights are the first 10 amendments of the Constitution you have as an American citizen.

Amendment 1.

Freedom of speech, press, religion, right to assembly, and petition the government.


Supreme court rules to protect written profanity. He/she had the right to wear anything she wanted due to amendment 1.

Amendment 2.

Militia, right of people to keep and bear arms, this shall not be infringed.


McDonald VS. Chicago. Court held to protect citizens from not just federal problems.

Amendment 3.

Soldiers can not barge in and demand to live in your home.


Benet VS. Wainwright. Argued that police raid that ended with a resident being shot and killed by state trooper constituted an illegal occupation.

Amendment 4.

Unreasonable search and seizures, a search warrant must be needed in order to do so.

Amendment 5.

You can only be charged once for a crime. The jury has to decide if there is enough evidence on you for the crime. They can not take away life, freedom or belongings without fair trail.

Amendment 6.

If accused for a crime, you must have a speedy and public trial. The government can not have you sitting in jail/prison for years waiting.

Amendment 7.

Trial by jury, once case is decided the court cant bring it up again for future preferences.

Amendment 8.

No cruel or unusual punishment. Your punishment should fit your crime. You shouldn't have to pay unreasonable bail.

Amendment 9.

Government cant take away these rights whether they are mentioned or not.

Amendment 10.

As long as the constitution does not day we cant do something then we have the power to do so.