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Daintree Rainforets (darlene.heys)


The Daintree rainforest is a tropical rainforest. This rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest but only covers 0.2% of Australia's landmass. This rainforest is the largest remaining tropical rainforest in Australia. The Daintree rainforest was named by Richard Daintree. In 1877 gold and tin was discovered in the Daintree rainforest. The Kuku Yalanji tribe lived at Daintree rainforest. They were very good at climbing trees and knew how to take toxins out of poisinous plants. They still know how to do it today. Today the Kuku Yalanji tribe is recognised as an important part of the Daintree rainforest.

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Description (location)

Dantree rainforestis located at 2333 cape Tribulation rd, QLD,North Carins 4873 Australia . this Tropical rainforest is around 1200 square metres. when it was the ice-age it was cooler and drier at the Daintree rainforest site then it is know. This rainforest has high temperatures and is high in humidity and rainfall. It is also warm and dense. The Daintree rainforest is over 135 million years old. In 1987 the goverment determined the Daintree rainforest a world heritage area. Daintree is the largest area of rainforest in Australia.

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The Daintree rainforest is the oldest living tropical lowland rainforest in the world with 3000 species of plants. Daintree rainforest has the greatest diversity of plants. There is 65% of ferns and there are a lot of different plants. There is the cauliflory,fan palm , fruits, seleginella, hibiscus flower,spinning top fungi, mangrove sapling, sting tree and many more. The sting tree has flowers, the flowers are very small. The leaves are very large, pale green, hairy and often have chewed marks on it (leaves) by insects. The fruits are small nut like and borne on stalks. If you touch the leaves or twigs you can get pain and sick because the hollow silica-tipped hairs penetrate the skin. By this a severe sting can occur. This can last for days or even months. The area that gets sting becomes covered with small red spots that can become a red swollen mass. The affected area can remain unless you apply sticking plaster and and pull it off, or use a warm depilatory wax.


There is about 300,000 animals in the Daintree rainforest. there are different types of animals, like the Boyd's rainforest dragons, green tree frogs, spectacled flying fox, Lichen spiders, giant cockroaches, goannas and many more. In the Daintree rainforest there is 30% of frogs, marsupials and reptiles species in Australia. 65% of Australias bat and butterfly species, 20% of bird species. The goanna can grow reach 2 metres from nose to tail. They eat smaller lizards, eggs, insects, mice and other small mammals. They will also eat dead animals. They live in burrows that they dig up. they are very good swimmers. All goannas are dark coloured. They show a pattern of lighter coloured spots, blotches or stripes. The goannas have loose skin on their neck. If they feel treatened they can puff up those flaps so they look dangerous. They have sharp teeth and long claws, Moniter lizards are predators. Goannas can stand up on their hind legs. Goannas are very fast and very good tree climbers. The name goanna was given to Australian moniter lizards by early European settlers. They thought moniter lizards looked like south American iguanas. Like most lizards, goannas lay eggs. The goannas tail can be dangerous. Small children and dogs have been knocked down by a goannas tail.


There are many different places you can go to in the Daintree Rainforest to have a holiday. You can stay at hotels, motels, camping sites and many more. There are different activities like tours, adventure, family friendly, water sports, half day tour, overnight tours, wildlife experience, rainforest tours and many more. There is about 436,000 people who visit Daintree rainforest each year. The Daintree rainforest is a beautiful place to visit.

Threats or Dangers

If mining begins it could have a devastating input on the rainforest. Plants, animals and most of the rainforest could become dangered of extinction.The rainforest can be cleared because of houses, farming and hotel buildings.A way to stop the rainforest to be cleared is to build the houses,farms and hotels near but not in the Daintree rainforest. After world war 2 Australia's economy began to expand rapidly and people demanded for timber. This timber came from the Daintree rainforest because of its fine trees. So they chopped down trees and kept on chopping down trees. The Daintree rainforest was protected when it became a world heritage area in 1987. A world heritage area is protected because its been around for a long time.

Interesting facts

There is more than 700 species of flora and fauna. The Daintree rainforest is OVER 135 MILLION YEARS OLD. The Daintree rainforest is the oldest intact tropical lowland rainforest in the world. The Daintree rainforest has the greatest diversity of plants and animals.




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