Cyber Classroom

How to use technology in the classroom

Experience the capacity of technology use

Experienced educators have been introduced to the world of technology through gradual learned behavior. Young students now are absorbing technology use through a natural daily interaction. Technology is an important part of the new generation student. Teachers should use that to their advantage. Utilizing technology methods in the classroom with call the attention of the average student and show them different methods of making the learned material interactive.

Teacher expectations

Students should understand how to research and how to investigate if a website is legitimate or not. Check the legitimacy of where the information is found.

Guaranteed to find a new adventure with every technology tool

David Warlick: The Last Generation of Internet Immigrants

Warlick states that technology should be welcomed into our classrooms. Tools, Teleconnection, and Time give students the capacity to complete storytelling before their standard development stage. Allows the information that student independently discover be dispersed among their peers at a more efficiently fast pace.


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