La première année


Les nouvelles (News)

  • We worked extra hard this week since it was so short!
  • We could use more markers in class, so if you could send in a box of markers with your child it would be greatly appreciated! Merci
  • SNACK! Parents, please send a snack for the class if you can, there are 22 students in the class. It is much appreciated!
  • In language arts we are learning more about writing and the writing process.
  • In math we are working on telling time. Please work with your children on telling time with an analog clock if you have one at home!
  • Make sure your child is keeping up with their homework. Spelling and math homework are given each week!

Notre horaire (Our schedule)


Blue folder is due every other week (signed & dated)

Spelling homework due.

Spelling test.


Spelling homework goes home.


Math homework goes home.


Math homework is due,

Hack's class has gym. MUST HAVE GYM SHOES


Library books are due.

Reading log sent back to school.

Blue folder goes home every other week with student's work.

A la maison (at home)

  • Practice spelling words all week and weekend.
  • Check the red folder every day.
  • Talk about telling time.
  • Work on addition and subtraction word problems.
  • READ!

Spelling Sentences

**Make sure your child is doing the spelling homework, they are starting their sentence with a capital and ending with a period! Many students are missing points for forgetting those 2 things!**

Les amis jouent dans la neige.

Elle regarde la télévision.

Read to your child every day in French or English!

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