Peek at the Week

Week of 12/14/15


Week of 12/14-12/18


12/14- 3pm Faculty Meeting (only need to attend if you DID not finish the district equity survey)

12/14-12/18- Parent Conference, no professional development on 12/17

Friday, 12/18- Movie Day (100 tickets)

Friday, 12/18- Glenview Holiday Staff Gathering

Friday, 12/18- FC Submissions Due

Upcoming Assemblies and Special Events


12/17 10:30- Winter Orchestra & Band Concert, Auditorium

2016 Assemblies

2/5 Black History Month Assembly

3/3, Bay Area Children's Theater Performance of Aladdin

3/11 Stop Waste Assembly

3/18 Disability Awareness Day

Plank Party Part 2

Everyone had such a great time at Plank last month with Mr. Fudge that we are going back for more!

Let's all meet again at Plank beginning around 2pm to celebrate the end of 2015 and bid farewell to Ms. Brouhard who is off to England!

Because of the space and noise, we will skip the white elephant tradition this year. Be sure to get your drink ticket from Ms. Toller when you arrive for your complimentary holiday beverage of choice!

Plank is located at: 98 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607 in Jack London Sq.

Moving Minds- Instruction and Academics

2015-16 Oakland Unified Big Question of the Year

2015-16 Big Question

How are we aligning strategies for all targeted groups to ensure closing achievement gaps?

PLC Focus

As we embark on the math unit that we developed in our last professional development cycle, PLC agendas will have allocated time on the agenda to deepen the work you started when you created this unit.

ILT Leads will be letting grade levels creating time to:

1) Analyze student work and formative assessments from the math unit

2) Share successes and challenges

3) Update the lesson planning tool so that next year the unit is ready to be developed further

4) Reflect together on differentiation as this was a big topic during our cycle

All Report Cards home by 12/18

All report cards home by 12/18. You can give them to parents at conferences. If you met with parents earlier in the month or plan to meet up with them in the New Year (this should be the exception), send home in envelope with student.

You should be attempting to meet with ALL parents in your class during this first trimester.

Bulletin Boards- Get Ready for 2016

Many of our bulletin boards in the hallway have been up from August (except those that Ms. Michelle has helped us do! Thanks Ms. Michelle!).

Bulletin boards are a visual representation of what you value in your classroom and can reinforce what you are learning when students stop to look at the board, ask each other questions. Students take pride in their work being up.

To Do by 1/6/15:

Please plan to have new bulletin boards up in your classroom and in the hallways that show the work you are doing in writing, toolbox or math (our most recent professional developments have been in these areas so it's a great way to demonstrate what your instructional shifts have been).

Moving Bodies- Operations & Logistics

OUSD Equity Survey, Due by LAST Friday, 12/11

I have contacted individual teachers who have not notified me about the survey. If you haven't heard from me, you do not need to attend our staff meeting on Monday as this is our only agenda item.

Tour of Santa Fe, Last Saturday 12/12

The Santa Fe campus was open on Saturday and many Glenview families came to check out new "home". Families all seemed to agree that the site has a great layout, excellent yard, and that we ill be happy there during construction.

Moving Hearts

Get those Tickets!

Make sure your class gets 100 tickets this week!

Movie Day, 12/18

Movie Day Planning

4th grade will be hosting a Movie Show at 8:45-10:05 in the auditorium. Title TBD but will be appropriate for 3-5th grade. Let Ms. Smith and Ms. Plambeck know if you would like to join them! Bring your own snacks! No candy!

Kindergarten: Movie on their Own in their classrooms

First Grade/Second Grade: Will talk in grade level at PLC to finalize if movie will be together or separate


- No candy or excessive sweets!

- All snacks needs to be on your own, there will be no popcorn sales or popcorn provided this year

-Have kids clean up well at the end of the day- let's avoid any holiday visits from rodents or other critters.

-If you are having your prep teacher show your movie or not attending prep, please let prep. teachers know in advance.

Technology Needs

You can stream your movie through your computer and project it in your classroom. Please talk to Mr. Miller EARLY in the week as he will not be available on Friday to troubleshoot.