The Hydroshpere

What is the hydrosphere?

The hydrosphere is an interconnected system of water storage in the atmosphere and lithosphere, including oceans, ice caps, rivers and groundwater.

Different forms of water

Water exists in many forms including dew, liquid, snow and ice. Salty oceans contain more than 97% of all water on earth, oceans play an important role in diluting and degrading pollutants that may flow into them. Polar ice caps are the next largest component of earth's water surface, they have a large influence on the worlds climate and provide essential habitat to unique forms of life. The rest of freshwater on earth is what we see everyday.

The Water Cycle

The same water has been circulating since the early days of the planet, driven by the energy of the sun. The water cycle is a closed system, which means no water is added or taken away. The distribution of of water, it's geographical location and form changes.
The Water Cycle

Water Management

Uneven distribution of fresh water globally and regionally means management of water is necessary. It includes the collection, storage, allocation and distribution of water to meet domestic, agricultural and industrialised needs.