Crumpler, L.


About Raccoons

About Raccoons: By Lainey Crumpler


Raccoons have long black and white tails. Baby raccoons can climb when they are babies even though they are tiny. Baby raccoons can climb to the tree and down. Around the raccoons face it looks like a mask. All raccoons have really sharp claws. If you have a dog, that’s the size of a Raccoon. Except a Great Dane, if you have 3 raccoons that is the size of the Great Dane, that would be really big! Baby raccoons don’t open their eyes until they are 3 weeks old. Baby raccoons are called kits.


The kits are really cute, they look like baby bears. Most raccoons live in forests,cities,farmlands and even towns. They also live in many meadows. The states Raccoons live in are North America,South America and Central America. You can find raccoons around lakes and rivers too. You never know, a raccoon can live in your backyard !


Do you know that raccoons eat crabs? Raccoons eat salamanders too. Along the way, Raccoons will find small animals. they eat those too. raccoons also eat seeds, eggs, grasshoppers, raspberries and acorns. raccoons eat a lot of things but there is one more……….GARBAGE OUT OF GARBAGE CANS!!!!!!!!!

Interesting facts

Raccoons eat fish no matter what size!!!!! Kits leave their mother at 2 years old. The mother raccoon has 4_6 kits. Sometimes raccoons sleep in trees when they are supposed to sleep in there trees


I think raccoons are really cute but watch out, they are not the best cuddlers. They do have sharp claws, and really awesome to write about.