By: Giovanni Diomede

Should parents stop their children from reading Homestuck?

No, parents should not stop their children from reading Homestuck because it has great plots, it is full of mind-shattering discoveries, and it unbelievably original.
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Homestuck has a great plot. Imagine a single world. Increase it's size and make more worlds to link them all together, and now add more worlds surrounding them all. No you have one of infinite Universes in Homestuck, in one of infinite timelines. You can't really say timelines though. The whole series jumps back and forth through time and into different timelines, and the only way you could know where you are in the story is through the dialogue between around 32 characters. The web comic is currently over 8,000 pages long, making it the longest comic on the internet. And it is not over. The most basic description of the series is that a young boy and his friends cause the destruction of Earth by playing a game.

Mind-shattering Discoveries

Sometimes you read a book, and for some reason or another you skip a part or even a line, then when you go back to read it everything you read makes. Homestuck is exactly like that. When you really pay attention to everything that is going on, especially if you are reading it again, you find so much more foreshadowing, irony, puns, jokes, pop culture references, etc. Things like number combinations become more obvious, and you realize that some characters might look exactly like characters from other series.

Unbelievable Originality

Homestuck has around 32 characters. In most stories, ideas start running thin by about half of that. In Homestuck, every character is completely different, but you don't notice it unless you pay attention. At first it seems like every character is cliched from something or another, but once you start paying attention you notice all the singularities, personality nuances, and quirks that make every character unique. All the characters are equally amazing (save for Cronus Ampora, the author himself said that he is the worst character by far) and you eventually identify yourself with one or more of the characters, especially if you are into zodiac signs and the lot.
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"This is exactly why babies should not be allowed to dual-wield flintlock pistols."

— Narrator

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