Family Update 13

May 18,2018

5 Weeks Left and Counting....

Can you believe how the time is just flying by? Our friends continue to strive for greatness and definitely are headed to end their first grade year on a strong note! Please read through our update for important updates and reminders.

Important Dates

· Friday, June 1 - Field Trip to Brooklyn Grange

· Monday, May 28 | Memorial Day | No School

· Thursday, June 07 | No School

· Friday, June 15 | Anytime Anywhere Travel to Dominican Republic

· Monday, June 18 | All School Field Day

· Thursday, June 21 | Spring Curriculum Share (9 - 10:15AM)

· Friday, June 22 | Last Day of School | Half Day

Reminder Late Arrival - Playspace

This is a message we sent out regarding our schedule change earlier in the year. Please reread below:

As you've read, 1B has begun a new schedule with new Specials classes, including Science, Music, and PE. PE takes place in DTES' new Play Space across the street at 355 Bridge Street. 1B will be in PE at 9AM every Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It takes time to transition the class over to the play space and therefore, please be mindful of having students arrive on time. Students who arrive late will need to be accompanied by their parent or caregiver over to the Play Space during this time.

Water Bottles

With the weather warming up (and hopefully drying up), hydration is important! We want to encourage you to send your child in with a water bottle. Since the water pressure in our water fountain is not the strongest, it takes a while for our students to fill up their water bottles. We recommend sending a filled water bottle in. To promote cleanliness, they must take their bottles home each night to be washed, cleaned, and refilled. These bottles must be able to be sealed and labeled with your child's name on it. Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your cooperation!

Reminder! Shoeboxes Needed

We are about to begin our project on building dioramas for specific celebrations that we have been learning about. To support us with this project, we ask that you please send in unwanted shoeboxes with your child to school. If you have any extras, please feel free to send in more than one to ensure that every student has 1 shoebox for this project. In addition, if you have any leftover fabrics, jewels, buttons, bottle caps, rags, construction papers, or materials connected to a specific celebration that you'd like to donate, we appreciate those as well!

Brooklyn Grange - City Growers Field Trip - June 1st

Our students will use their five senses to explore the intricate world of a bee colony as part of our study of Homes. We will observe the inner working of a honeybee super-organism through a glass observation hive, plant bee-friendly crops, and taste the delicious honey that bees work so hard to produce.



Our opinion writers have been hard at work expressing their point of views with topics they feel very strongly about. These past couple of weeks they have learned how to “hook the reader” with creative introductions for their writing pieces. They have also learned how to bolster their pieces by comparing their topic to another. For example, some wrote about how they felt basketball was a better sport than football because it is a lot less dangerous or how water is healthier than soda because it has less sugar! Our friends then provided two persuasive reasons to convince their readers about their favorite topic. Next week, we will begin to talk about how to create a strong conclusion and begin to edit and revise our opinion pieces!


1B friends continue to work on mastering the place value strategy and regrouping for addition problems. Friends have been working hard to check the place value of the numbers they are representing in sticks and dots, and keep their work organized. Students have been learning that the ones place can hold numbers from 0-9, but when they have 10 more dots they need to regroup. Check the strategies below, and ask your first grader to solve a problem for you! We have also continued to learn knew aspects of telling time with analog and digital clocks. Our 1B friends were also introduced to a new type of division word problem that challenged them to solve with a fraction. Once students were comfortable dividing the odd number in half pictorially they were challenged to think more abstractly by decomposing the number in a number bond. Everyone was highly talkative and excited about these new concepts during our closing small group conversations.

Big picture

Outdoor Time!

Celebrate Good Times..Come On!

In Inquiry, we are in the midst of exploring some celebrations and traditions that our 1B friends were interested in finding more about. Our first stop was Ramadan. Our 1B inquirers have been busy studying the traditions and the reasons for this holiday. Students learned how Muslims celebrate this holiday by fasting for an entire month. We even started making our own moon and star decorations since Ramadan goes based off the lunar calendar. This week we will dive into the Chinese New Year as well as Mardi Gras.We are so excited to continue our investigation of celebrations from around the world.

A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

Grade 1 Meteorologists have been learning about seasons and seasonal change. They're learned that the earth tilts on its axis and depending on the season, we receive direct or indirect sunlight. Since the sun warms the earth, this understanding helps scientists understand the length and temperature of our days. We arrived at this idea using flashlights, globes, and movement games to depict how the Earth both rotates on its axis while revolving around the sun. You can support your meteorologist by asking them to read you the weather report (quickly Google weather near me or look in a newspaper for the forecast). You can also ask them to connect their weather and seasons knowledge to the celebrations that they are studying - for example, many students knew that Nowruz was celebrated at the start of spring!