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Week of October 8th, 2018

Teamwork and Collaboration

I want to thank all of you for the efforts you've made to come together as teams and to collaborate with each other. This isn't always an easy task, but it is very beneficial for our instruction which in turn helps our students and that is the reason we are all here. Please be sure to share ideas, curriculum, things that are working for you, or ask for help not just during collaboration, but even throughout the day. If you have a great way to teach a skill or have an activity you use, please share it with your entire team even if they didn't ask for it. You never know who might be needing your idea. Thanks!

Serravallo Reading and Writing Books

We will be using these in upcoming morning meetings. If you are needing ideas on how to teach a skill there are a multitude of ideas for every level of learner. Please take some time to read through these as they are a valuable resource to have.

Chili Supper/Fall Festival

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We are asking that each grade level help pitch in by bringing the following items listed below.

Kindergarten= Tomato Juice

1st Grade= Kidney beans or Chili beans

2nd Grade= Tomato Sauce

After School Tutoring/Enrichment

If you are interested in working for the after school program now called Cougar Academy, please contact Jolene Frey at The program will run Monday-Thursday from 3:30-4:40. Tutors will be paid $18-$20 per hour and Assistants will be paid $12-$15 an hour based on experience. If you have any other questions contact Jolene or you can ask me. Informational flyers will be going home with students soon. Thanks!

Tier Time

The first tier time planning times will start this week. Officer Koontz, Mr. Rees/Mrs. Price, myself and maybe a few others will try to catch all your students before they make it to your classroom. Monday will be Kindergarten, Tuesday will be 1st grade, and Wednesday will be 2nd grade. My goal is to help you all have from 7:45-8:45 to collaborate on a pre/post assessment as well as have some time to plan activities for your group. K and 2 I will be getting you a schedule for the monthly tier week. We will talk about what week your grade level will have tier time.

Fundraiser Pick Up!

Wednesday the 10th from 3:00pm to 6:00pm??? will be our fundraiser pick up time in Albion at Central Noble Elementary. We will send out reminders on Facebook and Twitter as well as sending home a flyer with pick up info. If you have remind for your classroom or a means to contact parents we would appreciate your help in sending reminders. Thanks!

New Observation Format

Below is a general format for the new observation plan. We will discuss this in an upcoming morning meeting. I will begin emailing you the week of your observation to let you know that your window for being observed is open for the announced observation.
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Was it a Bad Day or Bad Five Minutes That We Let Ruin Our Day?

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