Roller Coasters

Matt Redding

Types of energy

In roller Coasters the main types of energy used are kinetic, potential and thermal energy. almost every roller coaster has kinetic energy because there usually belts or something like that to take them to the peak of the ride then the energy turns to potential. and at the end of the ride thermal energy also known as friction is used to stop the ride and when the ride stops it creates heat.

Why is changing energy important

why is it important

It is very important because say the whole roller coaster is kinetic energy than the whole ride you would be going down and you wouldn't be able to stop if you never convert to thermal energy. and if stay in in potential without ever converting the whole ride would be basically a straight line without going up or down.


Almost every roller coaster has extreme safety precautions. for example brakes so rider don't go to fast its unsafe. Next you have height precautions to insure that the rider inst to tall or to short for the ride to insure the highest possible level of safety. Lastly you have seat belts, every roller coaster has some sort of seat belts or restraints and that is to make sure the rider stays in place and dosent fall out many roller coaster have multiple restrictions to insure maximum safety.

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