Rescue Story- Irena Sendler

Presenter:Dikla And Tessy submitted to: Nina Benbenshti

Why we choose this story

We chose this story because it's a sad story that called us, Jews. But in this story there is one pleases a special woman and her name is IRENA SENDLER

she save 2,500 Jewish children

about the rescue story

At the beginning of the war, helped the Jews, distributing food, orphan care and financial assistance to people, the Nazis confiscated the property.

In 1942 she worked as a senior manager in the Warsaw Municipality, the Department of Welfare. She joined the organization "Zegota", acting on behalf of the Polish government in London helping Jews. Its name was Jolanta Polish underground and was primarily engaged in rescuing Jewish children. She risked a search and rescue operations with the help of the people recruited her help, forging documents dealt with Christian names given to the Jews obtained medical certificates, designed to deter the Nazis spread diseases. Together with her assistant, Irena Schultz, entered the ghetto on the grounds of patient treatment and thus escape the ghetto money, food, medicine and clothing.

Later she began to smuggle children out of the ghetto and sent them to monasteries or Christian families, using forged documents regulating them underground. Some of the children told their parents Jews efforts and to facilitate their separation from their parents, some children were smuggled into the early morning hours under the passenger seat in the car driving around the ghetto. Some were driven in a private car which was a dog. The dog was trained to bark when the children were crying and barking drowned out the praises of the children have not heard praise to the flora of children

Little about Irena Sendler

Irena Sendler:
15 February 1910-12 May 2008
Was a nurse and a social worker Catholic Polish opposition to the Nazis during World War 2.

On actions for saving Jewish children was awarded the Nations-degree and an honorary citizenship of the State of Israel.

Irena Sendler was born in Otwock, a doctor-year-old socialist views, most patients came from the Jewish residents of the town, located about 20 km southeast of Warsaw.

At the beginning of the war joined the Jewish relief operations, distributing food, care for orphans and financial assistance to people, the Nazis confiscated the property

Short summary about the rescue story

In the rescue story that we chose told about how Irena Sendler is helped to children to survive.

Our reflection

In our opinion, this mission was very

important becouse With the mission practiced English andabout Irena Sendler and her actions.