EDU 653 - Epe's Digital ToolBox

Technology Integration to Engage & Better Served my Students

My Digital Tools & My Personal Learning Network

In this Instructional Design Journey, I have encountered tools and resources to mix my traditional language instruction with Educational Technology to enhance my teaching and engage, inspire, and improve students' performance.

In this emerging web and mobile technology course I have broaden my knowledge of different digital tools and resources, that I have added to this Digital Toolbox as I have been introduced to them.

I divided the toolbox into two categories:

Digital tools (Voki, Pinterest, Nearpod, voicethread, smore, khoot!, Blogger, and more...)

Personal Learning Network (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more...)

Other Digital Tools...

Get Connencted, Engaged, and Grow Professionally!

I can share ideas and learn from others with my same interests, I can engage in conversations to grow professionally by listening to others who teach in my field. I can enhance my teaching. Great ways to collaborate, network, and grow with fellow educators in person and online.

So many places, people, organizations to follow... So little Time...

As a brand new educator that has begun to create and develop my PLN, I can conclude that it is practical to have one, if you are selective and go straight to your own needs and interest.