Lincoln is a hero

Created by: Ana

Abraham Lincoln is a hero because...


  • He freed the slave
  • He started right principles that has been for long time
  • He knew what was right and what was wrong
  • He died in spring hill Illinois
  • Many people would connect to Lincoln's life
  • Trying to free slaves
  • He got in a debate (If they should make a land slavery or freedom)
  • He believed that slavery would end one day
  • Hate racism for economic reason
  • most written about
  • people write movies about him
  • made changes for slaves
  • he taught himself and he would go to court
  • he said that wears weren't equal
  • He knew what was wrong, and easy to do, though he still did what he knew was right
  • He taught himself and educated himself on his own
  • He freed the slaves
  • Freed the Slaves
  • Repaired torn nation”
  • Stayed with the right principles
  • Emancipation Proclamation
  • Went out of his comfort zone to do what was right
  • Helped a woman in court avoid slavery
  • Hated slavery, thought it was morally wrong
  • 5000 core cases to tell people to stop going to court/He would go to court to back up people being enslaved

Other things

Abe was the president of the United States from 1861-1865, during the Civil War. He led the Union to war in order to prevent the Southern States from seceding from the United States. This shows heroism, braveness, and loyality to his country. It shows that he is proud and faithful to be an American!

He issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, abolishing slavery in states that rebelled against the United States. His doing this shows examples of caring, honorable, respected, and dedicated.

He has been over 14 thousand biographies even sometimes movies