AVID Monthly Newsletter

March 2019


  • Spring Break: March 25-29th
  • Senior AVID Dinner: May 1st @ 6:00pm
  • Graduation: May 12th

Letter from the Director

Dear AVID families,

Spring break is just a few days away, but our AVID students have been busy this month visiting several universities and attending a Shakespeare play. Last week the AVID sophomores had an opportunity to see Hamlet at Shakespeare on the Pier theater. The actors did an amazing job making Shakespeare's language accessible to students, and we were lucky enough to be a part of a Q and A session with the actors after the show. It was fascinating to learn about all the aspects that go into the show's direction audience members often do not think about like costume design or lighting colors. Our Freshmen went to University of Chicago on their second college visit of the year, and our Junior's visited Loyola University. Take a look at the pictures below to see all of our adventures!

While our students have worked hard this semester and deserve a little time to de-stress over the break, it is important to use their time over the next week wisely. Junior students should be preparing for the SAT in April at Mundelein, and Senior families should try to visit any universities one last time. All students should check our the CCRC webpage at d120.org for summer opportunities and scholarship applications (see the bottom of the newsletter for more information) in addition to heading to the library to check out a good book to read over the break as well!

Melissa Schaefer

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Making Your College Decision: A Student and Family Checklist for Seniors

Student Checklist

o Compare financial aid awards from colleges and decide which school to attend. Complete the comparison worksheet or go online to BigFuture’s Compare Your Aid Awards tool. You can find it at: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/pay-for-college/financial-aid-awards/compare-aid-calculator. It lets you compare up to four financial aid offers side by side. Talk about which colleges work best financially. Is the school that offers the most financial aid the best match for finances overall? Which financial aid package is most workable for your family? Which financial aid package best matches your child’s long-term goals.

o When you decide which school you want to attend, notify that school of your commitment and submit any required financial deposit. Many schools require this notification and deposit by May 1. If the deposit is a problem, call the financial aid office for help. Additionally, make sure to send in any items that the school has requested.

o Keep your grades up! Don’t let homework and assignments slip.

Family Checklist

o Help your child process college responses. Once your child starts hearing back from colleges about admission and financial aid, he or she will need your support to decide what to do.

o Review financial aid offers together. Your 12th grader will need your help to read through financial aid award letters and figure out which package works best. Be sure your child pays attention to and meets any deadlines for acceptance. Talk to your student honestly about what your family can afford and how much you are willing to take out in loans to help fund their education.

o Help your child complete the paperwork to accept a college’s offer of admittance. Once your child has decided which college to attend, he or she will need to accept a college’s offer, mail a tuition deposit and submit other required paperwork. If the deposit is a problem, call the financial aid office for help.

Summer Opportunities!!

Please look at the opportunities below to spend your summer doing something that will make you stand out!

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