How to Know What They Know:

Essential Tech Tools for Formative Assessment

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If You Give a Kid a Laptop

Times are a changin'

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Tool #1



  • FREE
  • Group text without being IN a group text.
  • Private--no one knows your phone numbers
  • Schedule Texts (birthdays, parent reminders, holiday greetings)
  • Add attachments
  • Add voice memos
  • Insert Links
  • FREE

Click here for information about using Remind with Spanish speakers.

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Tool #2

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  • FREE(minum)
  • Online bulletin board
  • Can be moderated
  • Post links, images, videos, or upload files.
  • Anyone can post to them.

Click here for the Padlet Extension for Chrome.

For more ideas for the classroom, click here.

Tool #3

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Blendspace is an easy-to-use platform for creating multimedia lessons that kids can access online. Using a drag-and-drop interface, you can organize videos, text, links, images, and quizzes into cubes, then organize them to create lessons, or "canvases, " for your students to complete independently. Content can be pulled from YouTube, Google, Flickr, and other online sources, as well as your own computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Students can then move through the content in a linear fashion, responding to prompts in a sidebar comment area or taking quizzes along the way. They can also create their own lessons that can be private or shared, or remix a lesson. With a free teacher account, you can create unlimited classes of up to 35 students. Free school accounts allow for unlimited classes with an unlimited number of students. To join a class, students use a join code that you provide. A paid premium account allows students to collaborate with each other on lessons, allows users to record audio, and provides an extra layer of technical support for the school.

Tool #4

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Tool #5

Google Forms

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Tool #6


Kahoot is a website that allows you to create and deliver quizzes to any type of device. As a teacher, you can insert images into the questions as well as videos. You also control the pace of the quiz and set time limits per questions. Students earn points based on accuracy and the speed at which they respond. Results can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. Kahoot is usually a "crowd pleaser." Click here for a short video.


  • Once students get the gist of Kahoot, put the responsibility of creating the questions and answer choices on them. For secondary students, they could email you the information that would allow you to copy and paste to create the quiz.
  • Look in the "public" section of Kahoot to find 1.3+MILLION of quizzes already made. Just search for your topic of review. You can duplicate the quiz and then edit to customize the content.

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