Taheim Cunningham

Final Exam Assignment

Best Journal

If i had unlimted funds for the weekend .I would buy everything i ever wanted and needed .Also buy my family anything they asked for or needed .If i had unlimted funds i would withdraw about 10 million dollars . An save it for a rainy day. An thats what i would do if i had unlimted funds for the weekend.

Journal Reflection

I think that was my best journal because i got to think of something out of the box. Also i was not limted to what i could say. I like the journal because it let me think of a solution for something that might never happen . An last i found the journal very interesting. AN i was not able to make a real life connection but i wish i could.

Dream Speech

One day I’m going to graduate with a 3.5 or higher GPA .One day I’m going to go to college for mechanics .One day I’m going to be in the NFL .One day I’m going to pay off my mom bills and debt .One day I’m going to buy my own car .I’m going to do all my work to get a high GPA .I’m going to study books on cars and engines to get in college for mechanics .I’m going to train hard and work hard to try to be in the NFL .I’m going to get a job and save my money so I can pay off all my mom’s bills and debt .I’m going to save my pay checks to be able to buy my own car .

Short Essay

A hero is a person . Hero is someone you can look up to . Hero is someone who risk there protection to protect you. A hero is someone who is brave and stands up to all challanges. That what makes a hero. It all reminds me of my mom because she risk things she want to buy things i want.

Note To Self

Dear, Taheim I think i you good this semester. But you could try harder . An could of turn my work in on time. But next semester i'm try my best to turn everything on time . My favorite thing of the semester is reading gather of the old men. An my least favorite is the webquest i hated it . Sincerely, Taheim