Mobile Apps for Teachers

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1. Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an iPad app offered for $2.99 which allows students to write on, add audio and interact with text and images. In a sense it makes the iPad into the ultimate interactive whiteboard that can boost the quality of class presentations and projects. Finished pieces can be shared via Airplay or exported.
Explain Everything
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2. Subtext

Subtext is an education app that works well for eReading. A wide variety of books are available so that students can read on the go. This keeps them from having to carry multiple books in their bags and makes it easier to complete homework anytime and anywhere. Links and instructions for assignments can be embedded into the app, and the app also offers the ability for students to highlight and make collaborative comments and group discussion as they are reading.
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3. iTunes U

iTunes U contains a plethora of knowledge that can act as a great resource for flipping the classroom. Teachers can locate videos and lessons from sources such as Khan Academy and have students watch them before class so that they have a basic idea of the concept being covered.
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4. Book Creator

Book Creator is an app only available and viewable on iOS devices. It allows students to create their own ibooks. This could provide opportunity for formative assessments, giving students the opportunity to show what they know so far regarding a concept. For younger kids, this can be a great way to organize their work so they can keep it at the end of the year.
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5. Evernote

Evernote allows students and teachers to organize thoughts and notes on their digital devices. This permits easy studying in flexible environments and the "tag" feature also allows for sharing and finding of other people's notes. This could help with group studying and help students catch up if they miss a class or weren't able to copy a particular concept in class. Another feature, is that it is not limited to text. You can store away resources such as videos, blogs, pictures etc. into your note folders. In junior high, this could be a great way to encourage organization and preparation for big exams.
Evernote Tutorial - How to organize Evernote for high school students?