Canada 2060 Assignment

What will Canada look like in 2060?


During this presentation, you will learn some information on Canada's immigration trends, their population tends and First Nation, Inuit, and Metis trends. Some things to keep in mind while reading this smore are how the aging population in Canada is a serious problem, the way Canada thinks about Aboriginals, and why Canada is such a good country to immigrate into.
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Immigration Trends

Canada's need for Skilled and Economic workers

During the years Canada's need for skilled and economic workers have increased. First, Canada's need for skilled workers is increasing every year due to the amount of senior workers. This is because of the ratio between young workers and senior workers is high of the senior side. Second, in survey by Canada's Federation of Independent Business, 7.7 percent of construction jobs went unfilled, and hospitals at 3.8 percent. This raises a concern for Canada especially in Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba where the need is greatest. Finally, Canada needs skilled workers because to increase their production rate. This is very important for Canada because if they can maintain or increase their production rate, they will be ahead of their competitors in terms of profits. This is another main reason why Canada needs more economic and skilled workers. In conclusion, Canada needs skilled and economic workers so that they won't become an aging population, and that they can stay as a stage 5 nation.

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Canada's Pull Factors

Many people looks for jobs everyday, Canada is a country that gets almost 200,000 immigrants each year, this is because of their amazing health care, informative education and availability of job. First, Canada has an amazing health care system, where you don't have to pay to get help, whereas countries like Afghanistan have war going on with many lives lost. Also they do not have a good health care system because of the expenses. Second, Canada's education is excellent. This open doors for students to learn more, and understand how important education is. Many developing countries do not have good education like Canada, due to the little knowledge they have. Another reason is many young workers immigrate to Canada because of their tuition fees which are cheaper for immigrates and that Canada has one of the highest education in the world. This is because of the many immigrates who come from far to enter Canada's universities, and Colleges. Lastly, Canada has many job opportunities. For example, many immigrants come to Canada looking for a decent job. More countries don't have many job opportunities like Canada due to expenses, bankrupts, and war. Canada has neither, this makes it a great choice for immigrants. In conclusion, having a great health care and education system along with many job opportunities makes it great for immigrants to live in Canada.


By 2060, my prediction is that Canada will continue to have a great health care system, education system, and job opportunities because of the amount of immigrants coming each year. I believe that Canada will continue to search for more skilled and economic workers in the future due to its aging population.

Population Trends

Aging Population

Canada's population is growing every year. Many senior workers are getting older, and weaker, there is shortage of work, and the aging population is growing. First, Canada needs more workers due to the fact that many of their workers are seniors. This raises a concern because countries like China, and India are developing a high-tech industry which creates a choice for immigrants to either stay in their homeland, or immigrate to Canada. Many immigrants will stay in their homeland because in Canada it can take almost 10 years to get a good paying job . This leads to my next point, if Canada's aging population continues there will be a shortage of workers, and a lack of work to be finish. This is a concern because if the senior workers becomes ill, there will be no one to fill in for them which creates businesses to shut down due to production rate decreasing and a low success rate. It all depends on the strength of the Canadian economy, and how the technology changes the workplace environment. Thirdly, the aging population is growing in Canada. Stats Canada explains that by 2063, the number of Canadians aged 80 years and over would reach nearly five million compared to the 1.4 million in 2013. This is a big concern for Canada because if they don't do anything about it now then it might destroy the future. In conclusion, Canada needs to change this situation before its to late.
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Natural Increase

Natural increase is the birth rate subtracted by the death rate. Canada is in stage 4 in the demographic model, which means that their birth rate is low and stable along with their death rate. Canada's life expectancy for males is 67.0 years, whereas for females it is 69.4 years. The child mortality rate for males are at 58.0 per thousand, and for females 67.8 per thousand births. The population is high but balance (no growth). However in 2060, Canada night be in the early stage 5, the reason being that there will be a low birth rate due to an average of 1.6 child per family. Canada will also have a low death, but with an aging population. The population growth will be decreasing in the years ahead, because of the death rate being higher than the birth rate. In conclusion, Canada's natural increase is nothing to worry about for now, but needs to take steps in the future to prevent death rate from being higher than birth rate.


My prediction is that in 2060, Canada will have a very low birth rate and death rate, while still having an aging population. I predict this due to the evidence and information I researched and how Canada is slowly turning from stage 4 in the demographic model to stage 5. However, Canada will need to welcome more immigrants to replace the baby boomers, by doing so the population and economy will continue to grow.
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First Nations, Metis, Inuit Trends

Impact on Aboriginals on Residental Schools

The purpose of the residential schools was to eliminate all aspects of Aboriginal culture. Many children faced consequences for behaving inappropriately, some were deaths, estrangement from families, and being abused. First, the residential school system was terrible for the aboriginals because many died. The teachers wanted to kill the Indian from the children, which led to many deaths due to the amount of pain they had to endure. Second, the residential schools never let the children see their families for a long time. Once a aboriginal child was admitted, they would never see the family again this leads me to my last and final point. Finally, the residential school was very abusive to the aboriginal children. For example, many children try to run away to their families but they were captured and tortured with many bruises and cuts. In conclusion, killing many children, estrangement from families, and torturing the children sets the impact on residential schools very high for aboriginals.
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Misconceptions of Aboriginals

Canadians have many misconceptions about the Aboriginals, some of the main ones are that they do not pay taxes, get free-secondary education, and that their businesses are unsuccessful . First, one of the main misconceptions Canadians have about Aboriginals is that they do not pay taxes. This is some what true for Indians living on reserves, but for those who are not, they have to pay taxes. Non-status Indians pays 12%, Metis 23%, Inuit 4%, and Indians 30%. Second, Canadians believe that Aboriginals get free-secondary education which is another misconception. The truth is that some do, and some don't. First Nations and Inuit communities are provided with money from the federal government to pay for tuition, travel costs, and living expenses. This is not the case for non-status Indians, and Metis because of the demand for higher learning which outstrips the supply of funds. Finally, Canadians think that Aboriginals do not do well in their businesses. This is wrong, 6 out of 10 businesses reported a profit in 2010. In conclusion, having to prove that the misconceptions Canadians have about them is false information makes it really hard for Aboriginals to fit in.
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My prediction is that in 2060, the misconceptions of the Aboriginals will stop due to the reason that Canada needs them. For example, Canada has a aging population whereas the Aboriginals have many young men. Canada might try to repair the relationship, so that they can the Aboriginals can help increase the amount of young workers from the amount of seniors.
Canada: An Aging Population


In this short video I learned some facts about the aging population ans some that I already know. I learned that the percent of retired workers went up by 11%, and that the dependency ratio and fertility rates are dropping too. This video explains why the death rate is higher than the birth rate and what will happen if Canada continues in this path.


In conclusion, Canada's immigration, population, First Nation, Metis, and Inuit communities will experience changes by 2060 which will affect the country and it's people differently than how they do today.


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By: Brandon Sattan