Information/vacation for barbados

land and climate

Barbados is part of a chain of island called lesser antilles.

Barbados has a year-round tropical temputer.

Barbados has very rich soil becues it rains alot.


The arawak indians were the real in habitants of barbados.

After the british came the populaion grew and developt sugarcane.

In 1966 barbados gained full independice from britan.

freundel stuart became prime minister after david tompson died.


citizens in barbados can vote at the age of 18.

they have elecions about every year in barbados

queen elizabith is reconized as second head of state of barbados.


barbados has one of the highist standards of living in the carribean.

tourism is the biggest industry in barbados.

barbados is an active member of the caribbean community.