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Weekly newsletter for staff 29th November 2019

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • PPMs - Thank you for all your preparation, these all ran smoothly and showed how well you know your classes.
  • Tea and Coffee - There are several people who still haven't paid for this term - you know who you are!. Please see me before we finish for Christmas!
  • Donna Kettle Visit - Donna would like to see Amy EYFS at 9:30, Kerry KS1 at 10:00, Gemma or Emma for English at 10:30 (I can only cover one of you) and Becca for Maths at 11:00 please. Sam will cover your classes while you are with Donna.
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Monday 2nd -

  • 08:30 Parents to visit KW/GM (ES) Maple
  • 08:30 York Wheelchairs to service GNwheelchair
  • 09:30 Jayne Ball to see MM (Willow)
  • GM out pm, KW cover
  • 13:00 TS out STAR NQT course SH cover

Tuesday 3rd -

  • 09:00 Donna Kettle visit
  • 10:00 Katie Collins to see HL (Hazel)
  • 10:30 Air conditioning Service
  • 11:30 SB out with NB (Cherry)
  • 15:30 Staff Meeting - Updating SEN Support Plans

Wednesday 4th -

  • am Georgina Holmes to visit EB and Cherry Class
  • 10:00 YR/Y1 Dress rehearsal for whole school
  • pm BC out KW cover
  • Symetric to service hoists
  • 14:00 GM leaving early Hosp. appt

Thursday 5th -

  • EB out am, SH cover
  • Phonics Course - KF, AY, CH, AS, SD, JM - Supply cover reqd in Acorns, Birch, Willow & Hazel am
  • 10;00 KW meeting Jigsaws
  • pm KF out, KW cover
  • 14:00 YR/Y1 performance in hall

Friday 6th -

  • Emma's last day..
  • SB out all day
  • am Just B Cat Robinson
  • 10:00 YR/Y1 performance in hall
  • 10:00 Visually Impaired Team to see LS (Maple)
  • 13:00 Sports Hall Athletics - Is this still going ahead?
  • 14:30 Christmas Fair
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Thank you and Well done.....

Please let me know by Friday lunchtime if you want to add anything into this bit of the Pro!

Congratulations to Amy on her pregnancy, we are all looking forward to welcoming Baby Young in the summer!

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