Three Ring

The feel of a binder, with the ease of digital.

What is Three Ring?

Three Ring is an online digital portfolio that allows teachers to easily capture student work and share it with parents. It is a multi-platform (Android app, iOS app, and online website) resource that allows teachers to digitize and organize student work that may otherwise fall into the abyss of the backpack. Teachers can snap photos or take video footage of students' work and then organize the artifacts in an online binder. Teachers can organize their account by class and by student. Teachers also have the ability to share work directly with parents and students. What a great way to celebrate outstanding work!

What the founder says about this product:

MICHAEL LINDSAY: Three Ring makes it incredibly easy for teachers to digitize student work. Now, anyone can seamlessly create portfolios for their students, which makes conferences, planning, assessment, and instruction all more effective.

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As a teacher you can:

Access through your Mobile Device

Classroom Applications

Teachers can easily send home work that would otherwise have to stay at school:

  • Handwriting assignments
  • Portfolio Writing Samples
  • Art Projects that are on display
  • In-class performances
  • Solving a problem on the board for the class

Additionally, teachers can capture great examples of student work to share in the future.

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