By Nikita Jacob

Materials needed

  1. Budding knife
  2. Grafting knife
  3. A fine-tooth saw for cleft grafting
  4. Pruning shears
  5. Dormant scions (cultivar labeled)
  6. Tying material such as grafting tape, adhesive tape, electrician's ber tape or rubber strips
  7. Asphalt water emulsion compound for covering grafts
  8. A light hammer for bridge grafting
  9. A cleft-grafting chisel and mallet, or a heavy knife or hatchet can be used for a small job

Step 1

Cut off a branch of the understock, leaving a stub at least a foot long. Make a straight, slanting cut about 1 1/2inches long on both the scion and the stock. Make the cut straight and even one stroke with a sharp knife will do it. For the tongue, make a straight draw cut, beginning near the top and cutting about the full length of the level.

Step 2

Match the two parts together. Unless the scion and stock are the same size, be sure the scion is in contact with the inner bark on one side. If the toe of either the stock or scion extend beyond the heel of the other, cut if off evenly.

Step 3

Bind tightly with tape, then carefully cover the union and binding material with grafting compound.

Step 4

Remove wrapping as soon as the scion has started to grow to prevent girdling of the tree.
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