Weekend Update

4/30 - 5/1

1 Lesson Left!

There is one more week of new content and then we're almost done with Japanese 2!!

We are very rapidly approaching the end of Japanese 2. Seriously, I have no idea where this last week went! That being said, so many of you performed very well on the Lesson 14 grammar quiz! I'm not done grading them all just yet but the ones I did grade were excellent. This really goes to show not only how much you have learned this week, but how much you have learned over the course of the course!

You should be very proud all of your accomplishments and yourselves! よくできました。

Final Project + Overdue Work

The last day of class and last day to submit work is Friday, May 20th. At this point you should have several slides completed for your final project and you should have all work from lessons 9 - 14 already submitted. Not quite there yet? Invest the time in *YOU* and submit overdue work this weekend. Contact sensei or the PTC if you need help!

Try to put some time into your End of Course project this weekend. Full details are found under the Course Projects link in Blackboard. Try to make the slide for lesson 14 if you did not do this already.

The Particle や

I am SO in remiss of telling everyone about the particle やand how it works! Hannah G. e-mailed me yesterday and asked about it, so here's the 411 on the particle や for everyone to enjoy. Thanks Hannah!

や works like the particle と in that it is used to connect multiple nouns together in a sentence. With と you can list random things together that have nothing to do with each other.


I like dogs, ice cream, dancing, drawing/painting and Japan.

The list above is a grouping of things that are not grouped into any one category and are very specific.

When saying や to group a bunch of nouns together in a sentence, the nouns go together or could be categorized together in some form:


I like udon, soba and ramen. (What ties all of these together is that they're all types of noodles)

ALSO! By using や here we kind of imply that there are more things under the same category (noodles) the person could also like, but didn't explicitly mention here in this listing of noodles.

The category can be a lot more loose than something specific like "noodles" but that was just an example.

You may also see や translated to English to mean "things like" or "such as."

PTC Recruitment Continues!

The Peer Tutoring Center is still actively recruiting students to volunteer for fall semester 2016. If you are looking for a fun way to help others and gain some excellent real world experience that looks *great* on a college application or resume, contact me today and let me know you're interested.

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Have a great weekend everyone!