Poetry Project

Esperanza Garcia

I Wish

I wish I had alot of money

I wish I had green eyes

I Wish I had more vacations

I Wish I had less school days

I wish I had more time with friends

I wish I lived longer

I wish I had a pretty dog

I wish I had a magic wand

to make my all wishes

come true

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I like soccer

Soccer ball is your best friend

My favorite team is Real Madrid

They score every soccer game

I have a favorite soccer player

His name is Cristiano Ronaldo

His number is 7

It doesn't matter,still my favorite

soccer is a sport

cleats to run and play good

Your jersey team

you need skills

I want to meet Cistiano Ronaldo

I want to meet the Real Madrid Players

I want to be good at soccer

I want it to come true

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Free Verse

Your hand

fits in

Like its made

just for

But bear

this in mind

It was meant

to be
And I'm joining up

the dots
With the freckles

on your cheeks
And it all makes sense

to me


let me go

ill be like your


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