Weekly Update

important info from Mrs. Hannahoe

Happy Friday!

I will send these updates every Friday as needed throughout the school year. I will also post them on my website. If you prefer a printed copy to come home with your child please let me know.

A few important pieces of information...

1. After today, your child doesn't need to wear their apple tag to school, but please attach it to their backpack.

2. Please send your child a snack everyday. You may want to pack it separately from their lunch as sometimes they are getting eaten at lunch.

3. Completed papers will come home without a marking like a star or smiley face. Please know that I am looking at them even though I'm not "marking" them. They may have mistakes on them; if a lot of mistakes are made I generally work with the child to review the concept. However feel free to also use this as a time to review the activity at home, too.

4. I will send home quiet time towels every other week to be washed. Please return them on Monday.

5. Please remember to empty your child’s folder every night and initial their behavior calendar inside the folder.

A few things from this week...

1. We had a visit from Dr. Recess; he taught us some games to play outside at recess.

2. Our picture day took place on Thursday, everyone looked great.

3. We introduced and practiced the following letters and words- b, t, f, yes and no. It would be great if you could practice these at home too. Please review the September calendar for other skills being taught and practiced this month.

4. It was great getting to know each other more by sharing our "me bags". Please check out my website under the picture tab to see the "me bag" pictures.

5. September 17th is Constitution Day. On Friday we talked about the Constitution and started to think about developing rules for our classroom.

Coming up next week...

1. Our letters for this week are n, m, c. Our words for this week are I and can.

2. Fall is starting next week. We will be discussing and exploring changes in fall.