by Daisy De La O, Isaac Salazar, Yadira Romero


the items below are stuff that you shouldn't be doing as an athlete.

- not posting inappropriate post on social media.

-not having bad behavior in public.

- passing all your classes.

-not showing up to practice without an acceptable excuse.

Emergency info.

-you will need a physical to be able to play any sport. we give free physicals at the end of the year.

-you will need a emergency card with your parents and other people that we can contact when an emergency happens.

joining info.

there will be open gym every wednesday and thursdays after school.

if you are trying to join talk to coach workmen and let him know.

tryouts will be the 20th of this month.

coach workmen info.

tryouts on the 20th bring your own black basketball short and a grey t-shirt.