Digital Citizenship

What Is A Digital Citizen???

A digital citizen is a person who is safe online. It's when you respect the laws on an online basis. This includes a form of bullying called cyber bullying. This is one of the most common types of bullying! To be a good digital citizen you shouldn't curse or use inappropriate words online. You shouldn't share or post inappropriate photos. Why should you follow these rules? You should follow these rules because it affects your privileges of going to college! You may not be able to go to college due to the facts of posting inappropriate messages, cyber bullying, the use of inappropriate language, and the sharing or posting of inappropriate photos. The consequences are harsh, but useful! Following these rules online, in the end, could really save you!

The Grandma Rule...

The grandma rule is something to due with the internet, actually! What this rule talks about is the sharing or posting of things dealing with technology. If you wouldn't want your grandma to see it, don't post it! These rules apply anytime you login to a website! Such as facebook, gmail, twitter, and many more! There's not as much to go through with this topic, but always remember to stay away from the photos or posts that your grandma most likely wouldn't approve of!

Worms, Hackers, and Viruses!

Worms, hackers, and viruses... Nobody likes them. They ruin your software, slow down your computer, and just make everything harder to deal with! Worms are viruses that duplicate themselves! Which makes it even worse for you to deal with! Hackers... There not the greatest things to deal with either. A hacker is a person that gets into your software and your files and could steal your information or put unwanted information into your computer! A virus is something that is loaded onto your computer! Sometimes if you are taking a photo from Google, there's a virus attached to the photo and it's meant to ruin your files!


Passwords are entries that we use everyday! We might use them to get into facebook or twitter or any other type of website! When you make a password it should be at LEAST twenty-one characters long! If not you have a better chance of someone figuring out your password, and you probably don't want that! You might even get a hacker! So always remember to have an effective password!


EasyBib is a website where you can site your information! It's a great website if you need to do so! It's an easy one, two, three step website. It sites your website automatically for you!