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Written by Lindsay

The Start of the War

In May of 1803, Napoleon declared war, on Great Britain of all countries. Then, in that same year, the British captured OUR sailors. They had to work as slaves on their boats, But it was only four soldiers. However, this act pulled us into their war. We got even madder when we found that the British were trading guns to the Indians.

More About The War

The End of the War

On December 24, 1814, Great Brattain and America both signed a treaty, in Ghent. It is now called the Treaty of Ghent. This action ended the war, sending us back into peace. In my opinion, this war was completely unnecessary.

Causes and Effects of the War

The war was caused because the French and British couldn't decide who would trade with us. The effects of the war are: The British are now our trade partner, and the French are sulking in their sad little country.

How the American Indians are Involved in this.

The American Indians got involved when the British gave them guns. The American used these guns to kill many of our men, in an attempt to get their land back. Our soldiers tried a sneak attack on a tribe, but even thought their chief wasn't there, they attacked US instead of the other way around. We still beat them, and when we looked around their camp, we found the guns that the British traded them.