The Elf from the South Pole

By: Ori Smetzer, Shari Ritchey, Katie Walker


  • Wanna-be-Santa
  • Snuffles
  • Peanut Butter
  • Extra elfs
  • Narrator
The South Pole is a beautiful place, but it is not exactly made for elfs. You are probably wondering " How did an elf get in the South Pole?" Well, that my friend is a long story. Just for you I'll put it in a script.

Snuffles: Hey, I'm Snuffles! I live in the South Pole, now you may think that's weird. But a ton of elfs live in the...


Snuffles: And that... is Peanut Butter... Anyways...

Peanut Butter: SNUFFLES!!!

Wanna-be-Santa: Snuffles! Please report to the Elfatorium.

Peanut Butter: You got in trouble (evil laugh)

Narrator: Snuffles, who was starting to get angry, went to the Elfatorium.

Snuffles: Hello, sir.

Wanna-be-Santa: Hi... Snuffles.

Narrator: Santa, beside himself in anger, wondering what was going on with Snuffles.

Wanna-be-Santa: You know Snuffles, I have been hearing a lot of rumors about you helping people. You know that is against our rules.

Snuffles: Oh yes, yes of course... I...would...never do anything like that. Ew helping people, gross.

Wanna-be-Santa: Okay, then you are (sigh) dismissed

Narrator: Snuffles, the holliest, jolliest elf in all of the South Pole, finally leaving the Elfatorium, was very discouraged about having to go to the Elfatorium, and now she has to deal with peanut butter.

Peanut Butter: Oooouuuuuu... You got in trouble.

Snuffles: Shut your sugar pie hole.

Extra Elfs: ROASTED!!!!!

Peanut Butter: What... wh..wher...where did you guys even come from?

Snuffles: Their my back up roasters.

Peanut Butter: Okay then...

Wanna-be-Santa: Did I hear some one say roasted reindeer. (Whisper), I call the nose.

Peanut Butter: Wanna-be-Santa just, just go man, just go.

Snuffles: Peanut Butter, why so cold man?

Peanut Butter: Well, you should just go if you think I'm that cold.

Snuffles: Fine I'll just go then, (starts to sob).

Narrator: Running away crying, Snuffles started to think about where she would go.

Snuffles: Where would I go? (cry,cry) where would I stay?

Peanut Butter: Well, you can start by actual leaving the building.

Snuffles: What? You want me to leave?

Peanut butter: You should just run away!

Snuffles: Maybe I will!

Peanut butter: GOOD!

Narrator: So that day, Snuffles ran off into the snow, the cold, cold, snow. They never saw her again. day the South Pole got a letter from... the NORTH POLE! It said, " Dear wanna-be-Santa, Thanks you for sending Snuffles over! She is a great delight over here in the North Pole! I hope Snuffles, while she is far from home, will like it here in the North Pole!"

Wanna-be-Santa: Well is that so...