The Cold War

By: Kiara Samuels

What 8 events were most important in causing the longevity of the Cold War?

The Cold War was an event that took a toll on many countries. It was a war between the U.S (and allies) and the Soviet Union ( and allies). The war lasted from 1945-1991 and was unlike any other war because the two countries never fought head on and always fought each other through another country. There were many things/events that led to the longevity of the Cold War, but the 8 that were most important include:

  • Vietnam War
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Containment
  • Truman Doctrine
  • The Great Leap Forward
  • The Cultural Revolution
  • 38th Parallel
  • The Marshall Plan
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38th Parallel

This was a division between the North and South of Korea. It was not seen as a peace treaty, but more as a cease fire.
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The Marshall Plan

This was a plan to allow European countries to use money donated from the U.S to better their country from economic devastation. It was in place so the European countries could have more confidence in themselves which took about 4 years.

Summary of Cold War

The Cold War affected many people of many places. It was basically a war of many small battles that was trying to prevent the spread of communism. It led to many lives being lost and lots of people to flee from their hometown. The Cold War was extremely long and put a toll on a lot of things, but when it finally came to an end people were no longer as petrified and could go back to living a usual life.