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Week #5 Planet Dixon Enewsletter September 25, 2015

Dear Planet Dixon Students and Families,

We've had another amazing week here in Planet Dixon!! My students are truly rocking it in all areas! I can't praise them enough! They have "fill my bucket" every single day as they are excited to learn and motivated beyond belief!!

Not surprisingly, they have earned their first class reward and they voted through a Google Form survey to have a class pajama and stuffed animal day! We will be doing that next Friday. Mark your calendars scholars!

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Weekly Goal Setting and Reflection Sheet

Students did a GREAT job with their Weekly Goal Setting and Reflection sheet! Here are the procedures so it can be a successful plan for your child.

Mondays: Students get a new goal setting sheet and plan for their weekly goals. They place this in their clear plastics at FRONT of folder and reflect daily on their learning by rating their understanding. Parents, this is a great place for you to see our weekly focus and objectives so you know what we're working on.

Thursdays: Students make sure that their sheet is ready to be turned in Friday morning for homework. They have completely filled it out, rated their learning, and filled out their reflection.

Fridays: I collect these and students turn in all of their weekly work. I staple weekly work and assessments and write how they are doing in class. I also add their total A.R. points for the week. You will receive this packet on MONDAYS. Please make sure to look through work and assessments and praise your child for their success and plan for areas of need. I ONLY need the top assessments and sheet back signed Tuesdays. You can keep the work (back) at home.

Thank you! I think this is an extremely helpful way of keeping families in communication with their child's learning as well as teaching students goal setting and reflection on their learning!

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Garden Docents Still Needed!

One last plea...PTO and our class needs a volunteer or 3 to work for our ONE WEEK in the garden this year. It will be a fun and meaningful week where our class will "own" the garden, learn a LOT, and take responsibility in keeping it growing. Sadly, if we don't get 2-3 volunteers to help, we may not be able to participate in the garden week :(

Here's the details...we'll take grandmas, grandpas, family members, whomever!

Our Garden Week Schedule:

October 12th-16th 2:30-3 (think about that prime parking spot you'll have PLUS helping out our class ;)

Your Job

Garden Committee will provide all the lessons plans and materials; no green thumb needed.)

Please email me if you (or family member) might be interested! We appreciate you!!!

Thank You for the Class Donations!

Thank you for this week's STEM donations! We had a BLAST with our STEM challenge!! Thank you also to Mrs. Sobel who took the initiative to buy and drop off new lunch tubs since the tubs we got handed down weren't in the greatest condition ;)

We LOVE donations! Here is our class page that has some great ideas of things we run out of quite often. Right now our needs are kleenex, clear plastics, and Mr. Sketch markers for our posters.

THank you!

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