Panthera uncia -Snow leopard

Elle ho yin ,Yeung

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Snow leopard, also called ounce, ong-haired cat.
They grouped with the lion, tiger, and others as one of the big cat.
The snow leopard length of about 2.1 metres (7 feet),they have a 0.6 metres (3 foot) long tail.they weighs 23-41 kg.


they habitat is mountains with snow.

Behavior & Diet

They live in a family .They hunts at night, they eating whatever meat they can find.They can kill animals more than three to four times their own weight.They only hunt when they're hungry.But they kill any animals near they're home area.

They carries two to four cubs 93 days.


They are endangered species,In 1972,there only had 7,300 around the world, and only had 600 around zoos.
in 2008,there are to much lose date about the snow leopards, so the scientist didn't know how many snow leopards are there now.

how can we save it

snow leopards habitat is mountains with we need to stop the global warming. because global warming will melt the snow,than will destroy they're habitats.

Names of organizations that are helping save snow leopards

in 1970, the organizations name's IUCN, they are helping to save them. they help the scientist to find them or protection them.