Wildcat Wednesday

Laying the Foundation for Individual Excellence

Each week we highlight students who are demonstrating our Character Trait of the month. One K-2 student and one 3-5 student are randomly drawn from the nominees each week. These students will be recognized as our Wildcat Wednesday winners and receive a treat from the cafeteria. All nominees will have their nomination form sent home to celebrate their recognition with their families.

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February's Character Trait - COOPERATION

Nominees for the Week of February 9, 2022

Bradley W. Maisie H. Coby T. Josie G. Jai’la S. Abel L. Layne P. Ayden J.

Elizabeth M. Zoey K. Rook C. Jeremy N. Sheyenne M. Jayden S. Kaia H.

Winners for the Week

Autumn W. - She is a team player. She helps other classmates. She works together with others and makes each day special.

Tanner F. - He is always willing to work with others and listen to their thoughts. He knows how to compromise and problem solve. He is a good student and classmate.

Nominees for the Week of February 2, 2022

Arrie Y. Dominic R. Avaree T. Maylee D. Braylee B. Finley C.

Winners for the Week

Kaylee B. - She shows cooperation by following school rules, by being a kind friend and be completing her classwork/homework each day. A joy to teach her!

Sylvia W. - She always cooperates with what we are doing, helps when I ask, does all her classwork and works well with other students.

January's Character Trait - TOLERANCE & FORGIVENESS

Nominees for the Week of January 26, 2022

Emma D. Rilynn B. Dawson B Macy S. Brinley P. Bryson P.

Tindlee R. Morgan Paige R. Victor H. Alex S. Aubrey B.

Delilah D. Chelsea D. Clara H.

Winners for the Week

Anna F. - She gets along with her tablemates and is wiling to help them. She guides her friends and tablemates when they need help.

Alyssa S. - She is always kind to others and very understanding. She does not get upset when things go wrong.

Nominees for the Week of January 12, 2022

Maddie W. Georgia J. Adelynn W. Chase D. Boyette’s whole class Josh G.

Kaden C. Jernique S. Colbie S. Aleeah C. Lizzi F.

Winners for the Week

Danleigh L. - She is a very kind friend who gets along with all her peers in the classroom. She treats all classmates fairly and is patient with others. Great Job!

Bryant D. - He will help his peers during PE learn new skills. He is always willing to lend a helping hand.

December's Character Trait - KINDNESS & CARING

Nominees for the Week of December 15, 2021

Hunter O. Anna H. Kaylee H. Callie W. Ellie D. Trey N.

Jayden M. Bryant D. Audrianna S. Peighton R.

Winners for the Week

Raylan P. - He shows kindness by being a good friend. He shows a caring spirit by helping us clean up the classroom. It is a joy to teach him.

Caylee M. - She is always kind to her teacher and classmates. She is helpful and kind to everyone.

Nominees for the Week of December 8, 2021

Hannah W. Sunny B. Victoria P. James A. Gracely G. Mistie D.

Jayden S. Tanner F. Brantley B. Brooklyn B. Christian G. Hailey J

Winners for the Week

Eli S. - He cares for his classmates. In his letter to Santa, he was kind to Santa and had very little to ask Santa to give.

Cole M. - He always shows kindness to his teachers and peers. He is willing to help others and cares about their feelings.

Nominees for the Week of December 1, 2021

Ben W. Baylor J. Juliana S. Penelope R. Raiden S. Braesyn G.

Bryleigh S. Savannah O. JoAnna W. Jason C. Clara H.

Bailey B. Delilah D.

Winners for the Week

Lilah G. - She considers the needs of others. She is quick to share when someone is in need. She helps make our classroom a better place.

Luke P. - He is always concerned about the feelings of others. He makes a conscious effort to see that everyone is included in any of our activities. He is compassionate and a friend to everyone.

November's Character Trait - CITIZENSHIP

Nominees for the Week of November 17, 2021

Stella W. Riley S. Henry D. Avaree T. Autumn W. Ethan P.

Emery M. Josh G. Riley S. Traywick W.

Winners for the Week

Juliann T. - She is a great role model to the class for behavior and staying on task. She looks out for others and is very helpful. We enjoy having her in our class.

Gracie F. - She was trying to make our playground look better. Gracie and another student were picking up trash.

Nominees for the Week of November 10, 2021

James W. Maggie C. Maddie W. Delilah R. Ainslee W.

Aubrey S. Dallas P. Alex K. Kiley J. Caylee M. Jessie N.

Hannah T. Dariya N. Antonella P.

Winners for the Week

Brittani P. - She shows citizenship by helping to keep her work area and our classroom clean. She works hard to complete all her work and is willing to help others when they need it.

Adalee B. - She is responsible, trustworthy, and kind. She exhibits qualities that make her a good citizen.

Nominees for the Week of November 3, 2021

Callie O. Olivia Mc. Kendal H. Raylan P. Dalton T. Dani B. Levi P. Conlan H. Riley L. Aubrey B. Amelia C. Braylee B. Rafael B. Allie O.

Winners for the Week

Logan D. - He demonstrates citizenship by picking up trash on the playground and throwing it in the trash can without being asked to do so.

Marcie O. - She is always doing things for other students. She gets the tissue box, brings papers, picks up itmes off the floor and tries to help out all the time.

October's Character Trait - HONESTY

Nominees for the Week of October 27, 2021

Emory H. Bailey F. Nathan R. Summer P. Jackson H. Kinston A.

Tanner F. Emma T. Luke P. Cole Mc. Bryken M. Chloe E.

Winners for the Week

Piper P. - She shows honesty by completing her own work and be being honest when she tells the truth. It is a joy to teach Piper!

Tinley C. - She demonstrates honesty in her everyday life. She always makes the right decision even when the consequences may be negative. She always follows the rules and is a great example to her peers.

Nominees for the Week of October 20, 2021

Ava R. Justin T. Josie G. Austin D. Chase L. Ayden J. Rook C.

Avery Claire B. Victor H.

Winners for the Week

BrookeLynn P. - She is truthful with herself and others. If she makes a choice, she is honest and does not find an excuse. Proud of you.

Greyson H. - He always tells the truth, even is he has done something wrong. He explains himself honestly and often.

Nominees for the Week of October 13, 2021

Grayson E. Caleb B. Jase W. Hannah L. Georgia D. Matthew T.

Alex K. Alyssa S. Aubrey B. Brooklyn B. Christian G. Abel L.

Nathaniel W.

Winners for the Week

Lacie G. - She can always be counted on to tell you what is going on. She is so sweet and willing to be such a good helper to anyone in our classroom. Way to go.

Kendall H. - She is always honest and truthful. She is kind and thoughtful to her classmates and teacher. She always brightens our days.

Nominees for the week of October 6, 2021

Hudson C. Jace W. Ellysia B. Jaxsyn T. Maylee D. Jensen P.

Kristopher S. Holden G. Kassie C. Lily C. Margaret B.

Winners for the Week

Carsen L. - He is always honest. He will tell you the truth even if he made a bad decision. He works hard to complete his work and does his best even when things get hard.

Aleeah C. - She always tells the truth. She completes her own work.

September's Character Trait - RESPONSIBILTY

Nominees for the Week of September 22, 2021

Zachary S. Kennedy J. Sadie P. Jaxon S. Emma F. Mason F.

Faith S. Kynlee T. Hailey J. Delilah D. Aiden W. Khloe T. H.

Shania W.

Winners for the Week

Jerry M. - He acknowledged that he did not take his time while completing an assignment and made a mistake.

Hadyn E. - She always takes care of her work and her school requirements. She is also very quick to help take care of keeping the classroom neat and orderly! She is always willing to help out to make our school better.

Nominees for the Week of September 15, 2021

Colton A. Aubrey S. Declan D. Calvin T. Chayton M. Brantley B

Bailey J. Tanner F. Avery W. Auburn M. Kaitlyn N.

Winners for the Week

Abby W. - I nominate her for accountability and independence in the classroom. She can always be relied on to be prepared and trust that she will make the right decisions.

Madison D. - She is always responsible. She is always ready for class and has her homework finished. She also helps me and her classmates whenever she can. Great job Madison!

Nominees for the Week of September 8, 2021

Alyvia P. Payton L. Emma D. Kaleigh N. Pike C. Daisy B. P.

Bentley S. Margaret B. Natalie M. Peighton R. Finley C.

Natalee N. Malaki H. Morgan P.R. Spencer C.

Winners for the Week

Hailey G. - She is a very responsible student. She is accountable for her actions and her belongings. She takes on responsibility for doing a great job and always puts 100% in her work.

Ava N. - She shows she is a responsible student by always having her homework done and even helping others when they need help. I can also depend on her to do her classroom job to the best of her ability.

August's Character Trait - RESPECT

Nominees for the Week of August 31, 2021

Sarah R. Abigail B. Levi W. Abigale T. Kaylee B. Abby T.

Brenton B. Edie H. Kyndall R. William B. Cole M.

Winners for the Week

Hailee W. - She shows respect daily to teachers and friends by waiting her turn to speak, following directions, showing patience, keeping her hands to herself, and using her manners, She is a leader in our classroom.

Will B. - He treats his peers with respect. If a student needs help. Will is eager to help him or her solve a problem. He is positive and tries to make the other student comfortable while he is helping them.

Nominees for the Week of August 25, 2021

Jerry M. Nolan H. Harper L. Janiya B. Avery Ella G. Emilee G.

Ma’Kenzi B. Amelia C. Mason D. Jacob T. Alayna P. Lizzi F.

Kasen E. Bailey B. Reina P. Isaiah B.

Winners for the Week

Jayden W. - He stopped what he was doing to help someone when their crayons fell all over the floor. Also, he is a good listener when someone is talking and follows the rules in class.

Gabe T. - He is always respectful to others. He shows consideration to his classmates and treats them kindly. He is a very mannerable student!