Wildcat Wednesday

Laying the Foundation for Individual Excellence

Each week we highlight students who are demonstrating our Character Trait of the month. One K-2 student and one 3-5 student are randomly drawn from the nominees each week. These students will be recognized as our Wildcat Wednesday winners and receive a treat from the cafeteria. All nominees will have their nomination form sent home to celebrate their recognition with their families.

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April's Character Trait - Generosity

Nominees for the Week of April 14, 2021

Hannah L.

Braesyn G.

Jace R.

Kristopher S.

Trey N.

Allie O.

Haydn E.

Amelia W.

Kyndall R.

Winners for the Week!

Avary S.

She shows generosity in being a great friend on the playground allowing her friends to go first and not being selfish. She shares her love for one another every day, and always respectful in her actions and words.

Chloe E.

She is always willing to give her time to someone in class. If another student is absent she helps them with assignments they have missed.

Nominees for the Week of April 21, 2021

Maddie W.

Lila F.

Levi. W.

Jensen P.

Dominic R.

Sadie B.

Juliann T.

Antonella D.

Bethany T.

Morgan Paige R.

Braylon W.

Bryson P.

Sylvia W.

Ella H.

Winners for the Week!

Margaret B.

She is so helpful to everyone in the class. She cares about others so much that she finds things to do for others everywhere she goes. Everyone needs to follow her by being kind and helpful to everybody all the time.

Nathan R.

He is generous with his time. He is always willing to help me or his classmates without being asked. He will also joyfully stop what he is doing to help whenever he is asked.

Nominees for the week of April 28, 2021

Sadie C.

Adelynn W.

Clark C.

Abigale T.

Rhiley E.

Autumn W.

William S.

Kynlee T.

Charlotte C.

Chris V.

Hannah T.

Joshua G.

Marcie O.

Winners for the Week!

Kiley J.

She shows generosity with her actions and words. She is helpful, caring, and kind to others.

Meer A.

He is generous with his time. He will volunteer to help others when they are struggling. He always raises his hand and awaits his turn.