Wildcat Wednesday

Laying the Foundation for Individual Excellence

Each week we highlight students who are demonstrating our Character Trait of the month. One K-2 student and one 3-5 student are randomly drawn from the nominees each week. These students will be recognized as our Wildcat Wednesday winners and receive a treat from the cafeteria. All nominees will have their nomination form sent home to celebrate their recognition with their families.

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September's Character Trait - Responsibility

Nominees for the Week of Septenber 23, 2020

Gabe T.

Nat W.

Abigail B.

Prisha A.

Lyndsey W.

Olivia M.

Allison G.

Emma P.

Tinley C.

Alyvia P.

Bryken M.

Koby K.

Samantha R.

Tanner F.

Oliver G.

Tessa W.

Will B.

Madison D.

Grant R.

Winners for the week!

Jaxsyn T.

Jaxsyn has shown responsibility by completing all of his work at school and online. He has also joined several live lessons on Zoom. He does his work to the best of his ability and always asks for help when he needs it.

Alayna P.

She comes to school prepared and ready for class every day! Alayna refuses to give in to distractions and stays on task in the classroom. It is a joy to teach Alayna. She is truly a valuable member of our fourth-grade class!

Nominees for the Week of September 30

Harleigh H.

Jade C.

Samuel De.

Mason F.

Nataleigh O.

Bryson P.

Kiley J.

Brenley H.

Jesse W.

Traywick W.

Brooklyn T.

Alivia R.

Allie O.

Winners for the week!

Ainslee W.

Ainslee always comes to school prepared. She always brings her library book back on time. She keeps her things neat all the time.

Anderson W.

Anderson shows his responsibility by completing his assignments thoroughly and asking for help when needed.

October's Character Trait - Honesty

Nominees for the Week of October 7

Eli S.

Ellie D.

Gracelyn G.

Leah B

Haden E.

Amelia C.

Jeremy N.

James H.

Winners for the week!

Hensley C.

She is honest about her work. She also is honest about her choices. She does not hide from her mistakes.

Justus F.

He is very truthful with himself and others. Justus completes his assignments and doesn't take credit for others' work.

Nominees for the Week of October 14

Daniel MP

Christian G.

Kacie P.

Brooklyn B.

Zaley D.

Elizabeth M.

Ximena PG.

Tania HV.

Bethany T.

Winners for the week!

Trey N.

He shows honesty by completing his work on his own. He also shows honesty by telling the truth. I am proud of Trey!

Zaccai R.

He is always honest about doing assignments. He tells me the truth when he has forgotten or missed an assignment. He also says when he does not understand something and needs help.

Nominees for the week of October 21

Kaitlyn N.

Avree R.

Levi P.

Luke P.

Chase D.

Hannah T.

Cami L.

Alyssa S.

Isabella P.

Briley B.

Winners for the week!

Anderson W.

He is always honest with his work, friends, and teachers. No matter what you ask him, he will always tell you the truth.

Josh D.

He is always honest. You can count on him to be honest. He is also kind and considerate. He always uses his manners.