Where is it located?

Sikhism is mainly located and practiced in a region of India (Punjab).
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How do you become a Sikh?

To become a Sikh, first you have to drink 'amrite', a holy water, from Gurdwara, a Sikh temple. Then you have to start wearing the five Kakars: 1- Kes, hair not cut 2- Kanga, A comb in your hair, covered with a turban 3- Kachera- An undergarment that falls to your knees 4- Kara, a steel bracelet 5- A short sword (Not meant for violence, but for religious purposes)

Then, you start following the strict Sikh rules of dicipline, to disobey them would be considered a sin.

What Makes This Religion So Appealing?

The followers of this religion seek spiritual uplift, purification, to become honorable, humble, to have lighter souls. They want to become better people who live good lives without sin.

Sikhism is all about being humble and compassionate. But you have to be very devoted to become a Sikh. The followers simply want to become better people.

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Sikhism Is A Universal Religion

Sikhism is a universal religion because they strongly believe in equality. Their religion is open to anybody, no matter the gender, race, or caste
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How many sikhis are there world wide?

There are over 25 million people who practice Sikhism in the world today , but thatbis only a small percentage out of all the other religions in the world .
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Growth and diffusion of Sikhism

Sikhism is growing in the world but not too fast , the growth rate is 1.62% and most of that growth is in India , but most Sikhs in the world are located in Canada , the united states and in the u.k.
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who helped it spread?

Guru Nanak ( the founder of sikhism ) and his sister bibi helped very much to spread this religion , Nanak was summoned by a sepreme lord and was bestoed the responsibility of spreading the ways of sikhim.
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Major events

-The Bhakti Movement

-Invasion of Babar-1552

-Gurumukhi Script

-Foundation of Amritsar

-Compilation of Adi Granth

-Establishment of Akal Takht

-Guru Arjun Dev's Martyrdom

-First Battle of Sikhs against Mughals

-Battles of Guru Gobind Singh

-Creation of Khalsa 1699

-Massacre of Sikhs Dehli 1716

-Sikh Confedracies

Some influential women were Bibi Nanaki, Mata Khivi,and Mai Bhago.

Religious symbols

The place they worship is called a Gurdwara. Their holy book is called the Guru Granth Sahib founded by Guru himself. They also pray a lot. Also when a person passes away they have a funeral ceremony called antam sanskar and after the ceremony they cremate the body.