Ready For A Real Car?

An American Revolution

The Big Problem

Across the country, specifically Michigan, unemployment rates are rising which means that crime rates are also rising. One of the main problems causing this is the car industry crashing. Large majority of jobs in Michigan were held in the car industry. As a result of the car industry crashing, a large population of those jobs were lost, leaving many people unemployed. Subsequently, with higher unemployment rates came higher crime rates.

Obamas Bailout Attempt To Solve The Car Industry

But Did It Really Work?

There were large drops in the car industry in 2008-10. "The Big Three"( General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler) requested loans from the federal government to help pay for their bills so that they wouldn't have to go out of business. To prevent massive job loss and an unstable manufacturing sector, the American and Canadian governments provided a financial bailout of 85 billion dollars to allow the car companies to stay in business. However, the US government spent billions of tax payer dollars to keep GM, Ford, and Chrysler out of bankruptcy and in the end the government took both companies through the bankruptcy process again using and loosing billions in taxpayer money.

A Real Solution

We believe that a solution that will truly fix this problem is for drivers to Start Buying More American Cars. Closing "The Big Three" would result as about a total loss of 3 million jobs which could then be a total loss in personal income. And to make matters worse Federal, State, and Local governments would loose tax revenue. People must realize that this isn't a small issue. Free US! Eliminate Outsiders!