The Cuz Of Romeo and a Montague

i make these familys have peace i am a montague

i am the one who keeps the peace between these familys. these 2 familys are so hetic and they fight all the time so i have to keep romeo calm and peace full. i am trying to change Romeos mind so that he will think that Rosaline was a beautiful swan to think she is a crow.
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Town Today

Today Tybalt statred a sword fight but this was serious they wonted to kill each other. I tryed to stop them but Tybalt pushed me. i had to fight but i do not like to fight.

romeo trying to start a fight with tybalt trying to stop it #knockout

Love for Rosaline

Romeo can not get over his old lover he is picked on by Mercutio for this.
romeo has fallen deeply in love with rosaline and i fear i can not change this.
trying to talk romeo out of loving rosaline

Mascaran Ball

Monday, Aug. 31st, 9-11pm

Verona, Italy


Nervous about going to the party but i must go to change Romeo and his feelings.
I am trying to make romeo go to the mascara ball to forget about Juliet.

Looking For Romeo

we are looking for Romeo in these streats but we can not find i fear for my cuz now.
i am looking for romeo and his lover but hes gone #romeo
i belive that romeo has found a new lover but i am uncertain of this.

Freinds: (most important)



Lady Montague

Lord Montague