Baroque Music: Changing the Tone

An Evolution of Instrumental Power in Western Europe

Instruments Increase their Value

In the Baroque era, the instrumental component of music became just as important as the vocal portion. Instruments evolved to be more complicated and thus harder to play. However, this led to a higher demand for skilled musicians that could successfully play the beautiful and complex new melodies that instruments were able to play. For example, stringed instruments increased length and number of strings so that they were able to play more tones.

Music Around Every Corner...Usually

Music and performance became integrated into everyday life as it became a prestigious and legitimate profession. Not only was music played, it was also in plays in order to make them more enjoyable to the viewers, particularly in Germany. However, in times of political turmoil, the government would ban the expression of thought through music. These laws were often overturned and music always came back better than ever. Opera was an entire genre of theater was based in music. Opera were typically sung in Italian and performed for royals and their court.

Some Top Baroque Composers: Bach, Mozart, and Vivaldi