President Reagan Shot

By Daniel Ellingson

A Day to Remember.

....I remember the day like it was yesterday. My name is John Whitesmith and on May 30, 1981 I had just gotten home from a long days work at the local factory in town. I was wearing my large ripped plaid shorts and a stripped shirt that day. I remember watching my favorite T.V. show Dallas fallowed by 60 minutes. I was listening to John Lennon's song "Starting Over" on the radio when it was suddenly interrupted by a nation wide news cast.
....I listened in shock and horror as I found out about a shooter named John W. Hinckley has shot the nations president and injured three others along with him. He allegedly shot six times and struck the president in the ribs and missing his heart by inches. He luckily survived all injuries and returned to the white house soon after.
....One of the most memorable things he said on his way into the operation room at George Washington hospital is that he asked the doctors if they were republicans the doctor reported for today we all are republicans sir. Those sayings and that day were all part of our nations history and will never change or be forgotten in the history of America. Over all I think this was an important day in history and always will be. It brought our nation closer together as we all stood as one behind our nations president on that one day in 1981.
Ronald Reagan speaking about assassination attempt
First ABC News Bulletin - President Reagan assassination attempt shooting - Frank Reynolds