The Middle Colonies

Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York


  • The first settlement was in 1638 by Peter Minuit at Fort Christina
  • Delaware was named after Lord De La Warr who was the governor of Virgina in 1610
  • They made their money by trading and they were substantial farmers
  • It was a proprietary colony and was governed much the same as Pennsylvania until it split in 1703
  • There was around 100 colonists when Delaware was formed to about 45,000 in 1780
  • Some Native American tribes in Delaware were the Lenape and the Nanticoke
  • Delaware did not really have any religion at all
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  • It was formed in 1682 by William Penn who was a Quaker
  • It was established as a proprietary colony to settle a debt the king had with Penn's father
  • They made their money mainly from mixed agriculture
  • In 1682 the population was about 700 then in 1780 it was around 330,000
  • The Native American tribes included the Erie, Lenape, Munsee, Nanticoke, and the Shawnee
  • There really was not a religion in Pennsylvania, it was the Quakers that inhabited it so they decided that religious freedom was granted to all
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New Jersey

  • It was founded in 1664 by aristocratic proprietors who received the land from the Duke of York
  • It was set up as a proprietary colony for some New Englanders who had run out of good soil
  • They made the majority of their income from trading furs with the Native Americans and sold them back to people in England
  • In 1664 there was around 1,000 colonists then in 1780 there was around 140,000
  • Some Native American tribes included the Lenape, Munsee, Nanticoke, Powhatan, and Tappan
  • New Jersey did not really have a religion but they did have some influence from the Quakers and had freedom of religions
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New York

  • New York was formed in 1664 by the Duke of York who was the king's brother, it had been discovered by Henry Hudson in 1623-1624
  • It was set as a proprietary then made into a royal colony later on
  • Like New Jersey they made their money from trading furs with the Native Americans and selling them back to Europe
  • In 1664 the population was around 5000 and shot up to around 210,000 colonists
  • Native American tribes in New York included the Erie, Iroquois, Mohawk, Oneida, and the Seneca
  • Also like New Jersey they did not have a set religion
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