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May 26, 2017

Hang in There

I want to thank all of you for doing such a great job the last few weeks and encourage you to finish strong. The Fine Arts festival last week was amazing, the drama and yearbooks this week were stellar, and all of the things you have been doing in your classrooms are wonderful. I know that it's hard to keep the momentum going. It's hard to say who is more excited for the break, the kids or the teachers!

This afternoon, I signed yearbooks for some 8th grade students. It's bittersweet to think of them moving on to high school, but I am amazed at the growth they have demonstrated over the last four years. That growth is a testament to your love and perseverance.

I do want to encourage you to make every moment count over the next several days. Loving kids during the hard times often makes the biggest impact in their lives.


  • Comments - please submit one set each day until they are finished. The final deadline for submitting comments is Wednesday at 8 AM. After they are reviewed, you will need to make the corrections in PowerSchool.
  • Grades - all grade verifications must be completed by next Thursday at 5 PM. This will give Lydia time to prepare all of the report cards and get them uploaded to PowerSchool.
  • Teacher Check-Out Form
  • ESLR Reporting

Important Dates

  • May 28 - Baccalaureate, Paradise Hotel, 10 AM
  • May 29-June 1: Half-Days, 8th-12 Final Exams (schedule)
  • May 29 - 3rd Set of Comments Due, 8 AM
  • May 30 - Battle of the Books (5th/6th)
    • 4th Set of Comments Due, 8 AM
  • May 31 - 5th Set of Comments Due, 8 AM
    • Senior Tea, 7 PM (optional; all staff bring a dessert to share)
  • June 1 - Class Parties for grades 5-7

    • MS Awards, 11:00

    • Student Check-out, 12:30

    • Grades due by 5 PM

  • June 2 - Teacher Work Day

    • Commencement, 7 PM

  • June 5 - Teacher Work Day

  • June 6 - Teacher Work Day

The Last Chapter

It always takes me by surprise when the end of the year finally rolls around, and I catch myself wondering how it’s all gone so quickly. As I write this, my final little newsletter blurb for this school year, I’m mindful of what an amazing group of teachers I work with and how much each one of us has invested in the lives of our students this year. I’m so thankful for all you do to make Dalat an excellent school. Thank you so much for all you have given this year!

As we finish this year, I want to encourage you to take the time to get some feedback from your students. It might be a simple survey you give for 2 minutes before your final exam. It might be asking your students to write down their favorite things about class and 2 things you could do to make it better. Research confirms that this kind of feedback is so important for continued growth, so I encourage you to take a little time to do this before the year ends. I look forward to continuing the growth process with you next year!

Susan Allen

HS Teacher, Instructional Coach

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