Week #2

Review Skill - Sequence

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Review Video - Sequence

Introduction to Reading Skills: Order of Events

Robby Video

Watch the following video and then complete the sequencing paper that is below. If you need to re-watch the video again, use the QR code.


Click below to watch the YouTube video.

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Complete the activity below.

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Reading Sharing Time

  • Take 10 minutes and go around the room and students will share a sentence from their AR book that they are currently reading that has a transition word located in the sentence. See if others can pick out the transition words.

Rufus Goes to School

  • Watch the book trailer
  • Talk about the plot of a story and review the diagram.
  • Listen to the book read by your teacher or on YouTube
  • Fill out the graphic organizer below sequencing the events from the story.
  • Fill out the plot diagram graphic organizer below.

Book Trailer

Rufus Goes To School book trailer

Book on YouTube

Rufus Goes To School

QR Code For Rufus Goes to School

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Plot Diagram Review

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Identifying Elements in a Plot Diagram and Conflict
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Practice Sheets

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Chester's Way

  • Download the Interactive notebook below
  • Listen to the book
  • Re-read if necessary
  • Complete the graphic organizers, vocabulary and sequencing activities in the notebook.
Chester's Way read by Vanessa Marano & Katie Leclerc

QR Code

  • Scan this QR code if you need to re-watch the story again

Jack and the Beanstalk

Read the following Jack and the Beanstalk story and then put the events of the story in the correct order. Do this by completing the Jack and the Beanstalk sheet below.

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Read Navajo Code Talkers

  • Pearson textbook page
  • Pearson ebook page

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Watch the following video and then write a sequencing paragraph in Google Docs using transition words to tell what how the kids shrunk in the video. Share your paragraph with the class when everyone is finished.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Intro Title Sequence
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Work on the worksheet below for more practice...

Worksheet Review Practice

Readers and Writers Workbook page 269

Workbook pages (DVD):

page 14

page 205

page 209

Click below to access workbook pages