Quality you could get used to!!!

Quality you could get used to!

Top quality at the press of a button: with Talavoes

infotainment systems, you get not only the best entertainment but also the clearest view of things. Bluetooth® Smart technology products that you can easily use to make your smart vehicle even smarter. ​ ​

It also includes special and added features such as: 4 star airbag, air con, front and reverse parking sensors, Slimline weather shields front & rear Installed GPS, alloy wheels, high tech brakes, Blind spot detection, installed TV with DVD Player and headphones with stainless steel handles.

The force

The forces that act on vehicles are important to consider when designing a car. When a car is stationary, forces acting on the vehicle is gravity and the of the floor. These forces are balanced. Therefore, thrust and drag are results made by the forces as the car is stationary. When the car is accelerating the forces are unbalanced because the thrust force is larger than air resistant and friction. This increases the speed of the car. When the car is travelling at a constant speed, the forces acting upon the car are balanced, thrust, friction, air resistance, gravity going upwards. This therefore, keeps the car travelling at a constant speed.
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Three laws

1. That an object will remain at rest, or will not change its speed or direction, unless it is acted upon by an outside.

2. Describes the mass of an object affects the way that it moves when acted upon by one or more forces.

3. States that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

These laws are important in the cars design as they help the driver and all other passengers in the car to be safe during driving or travelling. For example when the car stops, the belt is there for support

Another reason why Newton's laws are important in car design can be seen when the car is accelerating. Newtons Second law states and talks about the mass of an object. So for example is there are more passengers in the car, the more force is need to accelerate and stop.

Access the safety of this car

The important of Newtons laws can be seen in the safety featrues of the car. For example, one safety feature in this car is the Seat Belts!! This safety feature is useful as it holds the passenger in place, so they are almost a part of the car which prevents them from flying forward during a fast and forceful collision.

Make this your car!!!

The 'Talavoe' a safe and useful car that would be suitable for any family or couple. Top quality is what is given to the buyer, and safety is the outcome that is created. This contains many features that would soon be recommended as your dream car,.. With not only a huge variety of entertainment, but this also includes other things that you will discover during your journey with the TALAVOE!!
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